Amazon Connect, your contact center in the cloud


Improve communication and customer experience by making processes more flexible and automated in your contact center. Monitor the level of your services, gain speed and save costs by optimizing resources. All, migrating your contact center to the cloud in a matter of weeks.

Amazon Connect is a seamless omni-channel contact center, which runs in the cloud. Thanks to its self-service mode, it allows you to easily offer, at a lower price and in a much more agile way, better customer service.

We also have the Amazon Web Services accreditation that validates our specialization and experience with clients in projects with Amazon Connect, being the first partners in Spain with this distinction from the AWS Service Delivery Program (SDP Amazon Connect Delivery).

What is the current situation of your contact center? Amazon Connect adapts to your needs:

Upgrade - Lift & Shift

If your contact center has an outdated infrastructure, is expensive and needs an upgrade, migration to the cloud with Amazon Connect is easy, fast and with immediate results.

Extension - Expansion

If you have a rigid contact center model but need to extend or expand your current call center service to accommodate your key campaigns such as Black Friday or billing closings, you can implement Amazon Connect where and when you need it, benefiting from elasticity and scalability provided by this cloud service in times of high demand.

Modernization - Innovation

If what you need is to optimize and provide your contact center with the modernization that your users require, Amazon Connect is linked to the most disruptive technologies thanks to AWS services in machine learning, artificial intelligence, feeling analysis or voice recognition with Alexa.


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  • Flexibility and agility

    Amazon Connect is an open platform that can be easily integrated with any system your contact center uses, such as CRM systems like Salesforce, WFO, or WFM.

  • Omnichannel customer service

    Omnichannel cloud base contact center solution that scales to support a business of any size. Its design allows to apply changes in the communication strategy with the client in a much more agile and faster way than with the traditional system.

  • Built-in intelligence

    Provides features needed to run a high-performance contact center that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at a lower cost.

Why Amazon Connect?

Smooth voice and chat experience
Being omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for your customers and agents.
Easy to use
The creation of workflows is done through a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes it very easy to use, which gives the client the power to be autonomous. It can be configured without developers or IT staff. Amazon Connect grants the possibility of making changes to your IVR tree or voice-overs in minutes.
Scalability and availability
It has all the benefits of a cloud AWS service, such as scalability and 99.99% availability.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled
Amazon Connect provides an Interactive Voice Responder (IVR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and capabilities (Contact Lens suite). Those capabilities enable the system to better understand feelings, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to effectively train agents and replicate successful interactions. Above all this, Amazon Connect is adaptive and can leverage data and business intelligence to anticipate end-customer needs or predicting questions before they even ask them.
With a pay-as-you-go model and no per-seat fees or no long-term contracts and no license fees per agent or software.
100% cloud-based, 100% telework compatible
No hardware requirement and no space requirement. Agents can work anywhere in the world without having to operate in a call center physical office. In a scenario like the one we are seeing with Covid-19, this flexibility inherent to cloud services is vital for companies.
Integration with other services
With the flexibility of Cloud Functions we can connect with other services, whether they are own by the client or by third parties.
Real-time metrics
It enables contact center managers to improve customer experience and decrease waiting time costs. This is thanks to improving the decision maker process by getting more accurate, automated and customized data from this cloud service. 

Linke offers you the consulting service, development and maintenance for your call center platform with all the AWS services that integrate with Amazon Connect.

Case Study: Madrileña Red de Gas achieves more flexibility and agility when managing and configuring its contact center thanks to the implementation of Amazon Connect.

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