AWS connector for SAP


Integrates and enables SAP systems to archive documents directly on AWS in an easy, secure and cost-effective way.

Get more insights to your business data with cloud native applications that connect SAP systems directly to AWS cloud services.

Without additional investment: extract, analyze and modify SAP data on AWS at a large scale using Datalakes and Machine Learning.

AWS Connector for SAP is officially certified by SAP and Amazon Web Services.

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Product Specifications

100% ABAP development, the native SAP programming language.

No middleware, extra hardware is required to interact between AWS and SAP.

End user transparency. The connector acts at a lower level through a SAP content repository to have a 1 to 1 relationship with an S3 bucket.

Security focus: following https protocol and encrypted documents.

Main Scenarios Available


Storage of all business documents, scanned invoices and files linked to a business transaction. Store those documents on Amazon S3 making use of the lower cost and higher reliability of the service.

Data Archiving Centre

Allowing SAP systems that are archiving all business data to use Amazon S3 as storage location.


Allow SAP systems to export or read data from a Datalake to build applications on top of AWS such as Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, IoT or Athena to manage SAP data in an easy way.
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Barceló Hotel Group has been a pioneer in the use of AWS Connector for SAP. As a result, they have achieved a database reduction of 800 GB and backup time has dropped by 30%.

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