Barceló AWS Connector for SAP


Barceló Hotel Group has been a pioneer
in the use of AWS Connector for SAP.

Barceló Hotel Group has been a pioneer in the use of AWS Connector for SAP, a certified solution by SAP and approved by AWS which has been developed by Linke’s I+D department.

The use of this add-on, which introduces the possibility of integrating SAP systems with AWS’s local cloud services as its main novelty, has served to streamline the multinational’s management operation and take better advantage of the complicity, flexibility and efficiency of the public cloud environment.

Barceló needed to reduce the size of its SAP database by 2.5 TB as well as the time required for performing backups. It’s in this context that it decided to use Linke’s solution by migrating a large part of its historical data from the last ten years.

There were 3 million files attached to its finance operations, orders and purchases to the storage service of objects, Amazon S3, which acts as an extension of its SAP systems to store documents and filed data, taking care of the SAP Archivelink interface.



Linke AWS Connector for SAP has enabled the database size to be reduced to 800 GB and the backup time to 30%, plus an extra 20% through certain maintenance and cleaning tasks performed during the project.

Based on the SAP NetWeaver® platform, Linke’s solution is 100% developed in ABAP, the local programming language, and doesn’t require additional hardware or middleware for the SAP environment to interact with the cloud. Besides, it’s completely transparent for the user and it has been designed from scratch to ensure security. The result shows that all communications are secure over a HTTPS protocol, and all documents can be encrypted

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