Five advantages for creating value when migrating SAP S/4HANA to the cloud

Being efficient in their processes to respond with agility to market demands is a common goal of all companies around the world, and a large part of them rely on SAP management solutions to achieve it. The latest version of this system is SAP S/4HANA which, since its introduction in 2015, brought innovation, simplicity and performance to many essential processes that are a daily part of corporate operations, and cloud undoubtedly accentuates those benefits.

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Emory Cloud Backup, the solution that streamlines SAP backups to AWS

In the midst of the digital transformation process, data, its management and protection are extremely important for companies, so cloud computing has to provide backup capabilities that respond to this need, as well as guarantees of flexibility, scalability, continuity of services and recovery in case of incidents. In this area we at Linke have developed Emory Cloud Backup, a solution approved by AWS and certified by SAP that turns a complex process into something simple.

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Cloud, at the heart of digital strategies

Digital transformation is now a strategic priority for recovering from the crisis generated by the pandemic and a challenge for many organizations. The technology budgets earmarked for digitizing processes and business models will not be reduced, and a significant part will be devoted to migrating systems and platforms to the cloud. Knowing how to do this and choosing the right IT partners will be critical to the success of the projects.

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AWS Connector for SAP, new way to connect SAP systems to AWS services

For some time now, CIOs have had to focus on making their organizations' digital infrastructure resilient, as well as managing flexible forms of financing to meet the needs of their companies at all times, and these have been major reasons why the adoption of cloud computing has been accelerating during the past years.

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Rise with SAP, a new route for AWS customers to revamp their ERP

Last January SAP presented RISE with SAP, an offer of "business transformation as a service" with which it wants each customer to follow its digital path and that involves a simplification of contracts, a new relationship with its customers and a commitment to move more companies to the cloud. As it could not be otherwise, AWS is one of the RISE with SAP implementation options, so it is worth knowing the benefits of migrating SAP, including SAP S/4HANA, using its public cloud platform.

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How to secure your SAP data on AWS

Cybersecurity has become a business concern at the highest level, following a year in which the risk of cyber-attacks has grown, increasing in both number and severity. As workloads and applications move to the cloud, securing this environment is key. If you are concerned about how to secure your SAP data, here are some of the keys to doing so. 

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