Power Up Digital Transformation: 10 Technology Trends for IT companies

2020 IT predictions

The commencement of 2020 marks the start of a new year as well as a new decade. According to the IDC, there are ten main trends expected to heat the Internet of Things during this year and beyond. These technology trends will impact the digital transformation of companies all across the globe.

In a recent seminar, the IDC provided IT organizations with tips on how to face the digital-based business transformation with this awaited technological predictions. The IDC aims at helping organizations in the areas of technology, leadership, and value.

Be part of digital future, let's have a look on what is expected on the technology field.

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1. Focus on Digital Capabilities

IDC specialists predict that this year, twenty-five per cent of Europe’s companies will have at least two board members with digital business excellence capabilities. This trend will give rise to more focus on digital skills and also it will ensure a new way on business planning and reporting.

2. Investments in digital transformation

Another prediction made by the IDC is that more than 271.000 million dollars will be invested in the Internet of Things. A majority of those that will make these investments are European organizations. However, only sixteen per cent of these investments will generate income.

3. Use of connected devices to collect data

According to IDC experts, from 2020 to 2022, the data from connected devices is likely to generate more than ten million dollars worth of revenue for the main Europe based organizations.

4. Modernized main IT

Within the next five years, more than 60 per cent of the registered organizations will embark on the modernization of their central IT departments. This move will result in increased use of cloud services to improve productivity by more than twenty-five per cent.

5. New roles for leaders in technology

Technological leaders from more than thirty per cent of European organizations are looking towards the introduction of new functions. These new functions will blend with the current leading roles such as CIO, CTO, CDO and heads of innovation functions.

6. Smarter transformation

As seen during the past years, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) had taken an importan role on worldwide companies. For that reason, during the next three years, more than half the number of European initiatives for IPA will be powered by AI. 

7. Doing away with the KPI- based metrics

In the next couple of years, seventy per cent of the primary European Organizations will replace KPI-based metrics for Key Behaviour Indicators (KBI's) . This move will allow the organizations to amp up the defence of employees as well as customers.

8. Accelerated cultural change

Innovation is bound to change in the corporate culture in order to accelerate innovation. However, experts predict that companies will need to double the efforts towards cultural change and modernization.

9. Persuasion for the CISO to become business leaders

The IDC predicts that in two years from 2020, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will have re-established itself as a business leader. It aims at providing digital confidence and accelerates transformation.

10. Advanced ethics for digital technologies

The IDC also predicts that in the next two and a half decades, European tech companies will need to report all ethical use of data related to AI or automation processes

Final Word

The IDC seminar, during which the analysts presented these predictions, took place in December 2019. The forecasts mentioned above are bound to shape the market in 2020 and the years to come and to achieve the future enterprise (platform and tech-based), as mentioned by chief analyst of the IDC, Phil Carter.


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