In 2018, spending on the cloud exceeds that on traditional solutions

cloud-spending-exceeds- traditional-solutions

For the first time, cloud infrastructure spending by organizations around the world surpassed traditional solutions, according to IDC data for the third quarter of 2018.

Today, no one doubts that cloud computing is the way forward, but now the challenge is to know how to migrate to get the best results, reduce deployment times and achieve cost savings. Download 5 Steps to optimize your SAP on AWS costs


More than 47% growth in cloud environments

The data has once again confirmed the unstoppable progress of the cloud model. This time it was confirmed by the market analysis firm IDC which, in its latest study on the subject, highlighted that the global market for technological infrastructure in cloud environments grew by 47.2% in the third quarter of 2018 to reach 16,800 million dollars. Beyond the figures, it is clear that the cloud already accounts for 50.9% of total infrastructure turnover.

This is the first time that the technological expense derived from the cloud surpasses that produced in traditional IT environments. Moreover, according to its experts, the trend in the non-cloud area will decrease to the point that in 2022 it will only represent 42.4% of global spending on technological infrastructure.

Gartner's forecasts also point to a shift in spending towards the cloud, going so far as to say that "it is one of the most disruptive forces since the beginning of the digital era".


Management Systems in the Cloud

Therefore, at this point it is difficult to argue that cloud is the route to follow, with companies all over the world planning new investments in this model in search of improvements in areas such as agility, productivity, flexibility, IT simplification or cost savings.

These are, broadly speaking, the main advantages it can bring to corporate and business environments. However, it is important to be aware that they will only be fully achieved if the right decisions are made when it comes to establishing the path to follow, especially when organizations are already taking their most critical applications to the cloud.

This is the case of management systems because their migration will allow them to advance in the processes of digital transformation and take advantage of other enabling technologies of digitalization, such as artificial intelligence.


Solutions to migrate to the cloud smoothly

We are aware of how important it is today for any company that cloud initiatives end successfully.

This is why, in our value proposition, as the only non-global systems integrator that is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner with global SAP competition, we have opted to invest in R&D by creating solutions that accelerate technology deployments in the cloud and that, of course, optimize resources, increase the performance of implementations and reduce the cost of operation and management of SAP systems that start the journey to this model.


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