3 tools to migrate your SAP to the cloud


When a company considers migrating its SAP systems to the cloud, it needs a series of guarantees to ensure that the process will be managed professionally and with high levels of security. Here are some tools that can be key in the process of migrating your SAP to the cloud.

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Solutions for Smooth SAP Cloud Migration

SAP customers can now take advantage of moving their SAP systems to AWS or somehow integrate them with this platform through three solutions that will allow them to operate their cloud environment faster and more efficiently:


Linke AWS Connector for SAP

This is the most recent addition to the company's solutions portfolio. It is an ABAP add-on that allows Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to be used with SAP systems. In this way, organizations can integrate the software, either on-premise or cloud, with the AWS storage service, without the need to provision new hardware.

This solution has also been designed with the security of critical data transferred to the cloud in mind. Its functionalities solve an issue that is of great concern to SAP customers: guaranteeing that the technological resources that support their SAP systems are available, at maximum performance, secure and always available.


SAP Pre-installed Systems

This solution consists of a set of AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) packaged with the necessary software to deploy SAP systems in a matter of minutes. They are available on the AWS marketplace, saving time and money by running systems instantly on the cloud platform. 


Elastic SAP

It is a solution that allows SAP systems to be integrated with the AWS auto scaling service, which makes it even easier to adapt the number of instances depending on the system load. Therefore, it offers an additional guarantee to adapt the infrastructure to business needs automatically and in real time.

In short, it is a question of achieving greater flexibility in technology. With this product, companies can reduce their operating costs by up to 55% and their infrastructure costs by 33%.

Very soon, two other solutions will be added to our portfolio, also designed to offer a differential value to those companies that choose to take their management systems to the cloud:

  • SAP Automation Platform: to Automate SAP deployments on AWS, from days to minutes
  • Emory: to make a SAP HANA database backups to Amazon S3 quickly, simple and secured

Stay tuned and you'll know everything about these new solutions very soon! 

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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF