A Look at the Strengths and Capabilities of the AWS Server Platform


As the needs of modern businesses continue to evolve, they are required to use even more malleable and scalable techniques in order to adapt to a changing environment. One extremely popular way to achieve these goals is through the adoption of a serverless platform.

By taking traditional server concerns out of the equation, developers and IT professionals can focus upon other critical areas such as product development and sales strategies. Furthermore, in-house overhead will be reduced without sacrificing responsiveness and efficiency. 

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AWS Serverless Platform primary functions

What are some of the primary functions of the AWS serverless platform and how can businesses leverage them to their advantage? 


Logic Layers Based Within the Cloud

The framework developed by AWS is no longer dependent upon a single server. Instead, it is spread across all relevant infrastructure and APIs. This enables resources to be shared in a more streamlined fashion.

Coordination is therefore vastly enhanced while naturally, the entire system can be upgraded or even downgraded as may be necessary. This feature has also enabled these platforms to offer a truly global reach; doing away with the limitations often associated with traditional server-based applications. 

Enhanced Compliance and Security Control Points

The centralised nature of this architecture provides enhanced security protocols and more reliable firewalls. This is largely due to the presence of AWS Identity and Access Management. Many concerns can now be overseen within a centralised (and highly flexible) system. These will include: 
  • Tracking real-time changes
  • Controlling who is granted access to specific portions of a network
  • Encrypting sensitive information
  • Logging data
Levels of authentication are likewise increased and the use of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is able to create VPN networks that will only grant access to approved users. Thus, instances of data theft or corruption have been dramatically reduced. 

Application Development, Testing and Implementation

The AWS serverless platform is an open-source system, so it is much easier to develop and bench test any internal applications before they are placed within a live website. The tools provided will offer complete life cycle management; advantageous when changes need to be made on the fly.

A number of third-party options are also available so that IT professionals are provided with a greater level of oversight. This is important when tackling complicated and/or challenging coding requirements.

It is also critical to mention that this platform is equipped with discrete application-level components to meet a milieu of unique needs. A handful of examples include (but are not limited to) Alexa skills, stream and data processing, chat bots and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Unrivalled Reliability and Performance

The platform offered by AWS offers low-cost approaches which no longer require the use of a dedicated server. It is therefore an economically viable option for any business which has been hoping to enhance its operations.

Scalable storage, secure API management and advanced data analytics are other services not to be taken lightly. As the world of modern business continues to advance, only the best computing solutions will do.


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