A Newly Released SAP Help Portal Designed To Make Customers' Lives Easier



SAP customers will be delighted to hear that a new SAP Help Portal has just been released. Completely redesigned based on an extensive review of the previous Help Portal, this online tool provides an enhanced user experience in the form of optimum navigability and a real wealth of easy to digest information.

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Streamlining the portal using SAP HANA

Deploying the HANA database management system, the designers of this help portal have made sure that users can find exactly the information that they need amid the 82 million documents (in a variety of languages) without any frustrating waiting times or unnecessary steps.

HANA is in and of itself already associated with accelerating business processes by streamlining and enhancing information management, and the developers of this help portal have added further features to optimise UX.

Most noticeable, perhaps, is the fact that the portal no longer relies on click through functions to retrieve information. Rather, it enables users to access information much more rapidly using a search based paradigm.

Logical document groupings to take you right to the product page

The new help portal provides an exhaustive list of product pages, and they have all been regrouped to ensure that they are categorised in the most logical manner possible. Again, this makes information retrieval especially quick and easy for the customer.

Searches are now restricted to products that are relevant to the topic that the user is looking for, and product pages have been simplified so that even information about the more complex products is now readily digestible.

It is to be hoped that this will make the portal accessible to a wider range of customers, and encourage customers who are dealing with SAP at more of an intermediate level (or even entry level customers) to use the portal to locate desired information.


Using cloud platform technology to connect with SAP S/4HANA

This new and improved HANA based help portal deploys the latest cloud technology for its underlying platform. This enables the platform to connect up with innovative tools such as SAP S/4HANA.

The platform is integrated directly with the UIs not just of SAP S/4HANA but also of numerous other cloud applications. This enhanced platform will provide a foundation from which to build better and better versions of the help portal in the months and years to come.

Try the portal for yourself

Experience the revamped help portal yourself and use it to retrieve the information that you need. The process of doing so will be quick, glitch free and totally streamlined - and it will constitute a noticeable improvement on previous versions of the portal.


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