A Quick Glance at the ISG Report on SAP Providers


The International Services Group (ISG) researched SAP providers to evaluate their differences, strengths and weaknesses. The June 2018 report is based on the available market information. Cloud services have become critical in business operations, and that has increased the number of companies that provide relevant products.

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SAP Services and Providers

SAP HANA is one offering that has revolutionised how businesses access real-time data. The industry keeps evolving, and that means that providers must shift with it. The ISG report looks at the different HANA services that vendors offer, which are:

  • S/4HANA. These are services that focus on the design aspect of business processes. A provider of S4/HANA requires a vendor to have knowledge about a specific industry to be able to create suitable solutions.
  • BW/4HANA. This product is structured for data analytics. Part of the services includes evaluating how data analytics affect whole systems.
  • SCP (Cloud Platform). The in-memory based platform is used to alter new processes and provide support for their designs.
  • Technology Infrastructure. Companies providing these services must ensure that they have a competitive infrastructure that is capable of meeting the cloud services of a client.
  • Technology Managed Services. The range of services include helping businesses with their cost analyses, HANA provisioning and anything else that involves technology.


Categorisation: The 4 Quadrants

ISG classified the vendors into four quadrants (and two extra ones), depending on their positions in the market. At the bottom is the Not In quadrant, which consists of the vendors that don't have sufficient information on them to categorise them in the market.

What follows is the Rising Star where the providers with potential are classified. For the main quadrants, there is the Contender where you find the SAP provider that is working to come up with a mature product.

The Market Challengers are well established but still have great potential. The second tier is the Product Challenger whose market share covers more than the average. This quadrant lags behind due to lack of resources to cultivate its market. The Leader is at the top and has a high dominance in the market. There are the vendors responsible for trendsetting and innovations.


The Report's Criteria

What did ISG focus on to position the different providers in different quadrants? The research evaluated the range of SAP HANA offerings for each vendor. It then looked at:

  • the data centres
  • innovations
  • partnership ecosystems
  • pricing
  • compliance & security
  • SLAs and support

The network infrastructure, computer and storage were also critical elements in the research.


Amazon Web Services

From the ISG report, AWS emerged as a leader in SAP services for various reasons:

  1. Firstly, its SAP services have the largest geographical coverage with 55 zones. It works with global and regional integrators to boost its products in different areas.
  2. Amazon thrives on case studies with thousands of customers on its cloud infrastructure. AWS has the power to track these users, which is the biggest advantage it has over competitors.
  3. The focus on innovation is another strength that puts AWS at the peak of the pyramid. The SAP provider had an additional 1,000 features in 2017 and is expected to add 1,300 more in 2018.

You can download the report from the Amazon Web Services' website.


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