Agile Vs. DevOps. What Are The Differences?


Although both methodologies work the same, there are a few differences in their operations which makes them unique. For example, regarding team size, they both work with different team sizes for them to be efficient. 
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What is DevOps? 

This is a software development method that is used to focus on integration, communication, and collaboration between IT professionals. This is used to enable faster deployment of the products. It is a culture that is used to promote the collaboration of development and operations team.

This is a more advanced version of the agile software development methodology. It is used to enable faster communication between the development and operation team. This allows them to work, build, test, and release software more quickly and at a quicker speed. 

  • SpecialisationIt is separated into two teams the operation and the development team. Both teams work separately, but there is a flow of communication all through the team. 
  • Speed. This methodology does not always aim at speed provided the task is done. 
  • Team size. In this methodology, you can have as many teams as possible, and each team can work on different theories .
  • Scheduling. In this methodology, value maximum reliability and work for a longer time. This minimises any business distraction and focuses on one agenda. 
  • Automation. Automation is the heart of this methodology as it aims to minimise distraction at all times. When disturbances are reduced, the efficiency is maximised. 
  • Communications. The meetings are not daily since they work in teams at all times. This makes it easier for communication to be passed down. 

What is Agile? 

Agile is also a software development method that came before DevOps. This methodology breaks down the products into smaller parts and joins them for a final test. It involves the testing and development and testing of the SDL process.

This software development methodology emphasises incremental, iterative, and evolutionary development. The software development promotes teamwork, accountability, and self-organisation. Additionally, the software focuses on the aligning of development with trends and customer needs. 

  • Specialisation. This is an equal opportunity team where every member can take part in any job. This inhibits slowdowns of the software 
  • Speed. There are faster speed and this methodology aims and deploying duties at a quicker rate and accomplishing the goals faster. 
  • Team size. Here they aim at a smaller size which can be easily monitored and controlled. This is because they aim at a faster speed and the fewer people on the team the faster the work is done. 
  • Scheduling. The team works in shorts amounts of time known as sprints. The sprints last for a very short time, and they rarely last longer than a month. 
  • Automation. This methodology does not require any automation since it works for a short period. 
  • Communication. Communications is the key and heart of this program, and daily informal meetings are needed to see if the work is being done well. This is to allow each member of the team to share their progress and state their daily goals and achievements. 

Agile vs. DevOps

Both Agile and DevOps have their limitations and that what makes the methodology so different. A difference is not always a bad thing but a way of showing how you can perform one task using different styles.


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