AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (V): Application Protection

Linke's integration into Syntax enters final phase

AWS announcements in 2021 that benefit SAP customers

The final touches to our presence at AUSAPE Forum 2021, the largest SAP community event in Spain

The road to smart business: this is how PortAventura World has achieved it

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (IV): Data Protection

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (III): Infrastructure Protection

New specialization: AWS validates our expertise in Amazon Connect

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (II): Detective Controls and Incident Response

Cloud: key strategies for meeting business goals

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (I): Identity and Access Management

How to securely deploy SAP S/4HANA on AWS

The secrets of a complex cloud migration, from a CIO's perspective

FinOps for a better control of costs in the cloud: keys and benefits

4 key steps before migrating an SAP environment to the cloud

Five advantages of migrating your SAP systems to the cloud

How to succeed in your AWS Cloud migration project

SAP MAP, the ideal way to speed up and save on SAP migrations to AWS

Data lakes in the cloud, the key to analytics and business intelligence projects

Ten steps to prevent a data breach, both on-premise and in the cloud

Five advantages for creating value when migrating SAP S/4HANA to the cloud

Emory Cloud Backup, the solution that streamlines SAP backups to AWS

Cloud, at the heart of digital strategies

AWS Connector for SAP, new way to connect SAP systems to AWS services

Rise with SAP, a new route for AWS customers to revamp their ERP

How to secure your SAP data on AWS

Cloud + IoT + Big Data, the perfect mix to exploit the Data Economy

Top 10 CIO Priorities: Keys to Technology Leadership

Five capabilities that make Amazon Connect an unbeatable contact center solution

Madrileña Red de Gas' journey to the cloud, an example of digital transition for IDC

Why is the demand for cloud services growing rapidly?

A brief introduction into FinOps

RISE with SAP: what it is and the impact for customers

Keys to natively integrate SAP systems on AWS

Keys to reducing costs and optimising SAP workloads in AWS

Cloud cybersecurity, a business priority in 2021

Eight Cloud Trends to Help Restore the Business Pulse in 2021

Cloud integrators: the most relevant companies according to analyst firm Penteo

MRG case study: Amazon Connect as their new cloud-based contact center

Linke at SAPSA Impuls: Girteka case study of SAP implementation on AWS

Linke as an AWS award-winner: High quality cloud migration projects

Amazon Connect: all the benefits of integrating a cloud based contact center

Committed to innovation: Linke is now a SAP Gold Partner

Well-architected cloud infrastructure: main recommendations

Enhancing Digital Services with AWS Public Cloud: a Case for FAIN

How to optimize your cloud infrastructure with the AWS Well Architected Framework

SAP and IoT: cloud integration for smarter companies - Part II

SAP and IoT: cloud integration for smarter companies - Part I

Cloud computing: the future for the second half of 2020

Improve SAP user connection to AWS with Global Accelerator

Simon Electrics: technological infrastructure renewal migrating SAP on AWS

Cloud architecture: boost optimization and security

Accelerate your SAP migrations through automation

Enhance productivity with cloud: the MRG case study

Emory for SAP HANA, ASE and Oracle database backups on AWS cloud

SAP to AWS Migration Strategies: GALP success story

Security for SAP systems running in the cloud

IT market: future and impact during the sanitary crisis

Role of CIO in Proper IT management during crisis: Main learnings

Integrating SAP systems with AWS cloud services

Cloud migration models: choose the best fit for your business

Disaster Recovery: how important it is during an alarm situation?

Why is now a good time to carry out cloud migration projects?

Cloud initiatives to optimize your infrastructure

Empower remote working with cloud computing

Immediate actions to reduce AWS Cloud costs during COVID-19

Monitor your Oracle Standby Databases with Zabbix

Enhance SAP Compliance on AWS

Discover what AWS can do for your Microsoft workloads

Amazon Connect: the revolution of the Contact Center

Innovation and Expertise: Linke Becomes a SAP Silver Partner

Using DevOps for SAP Business Suite on AWS

Top Five Emerging technology solutions for 2020

Setting up Alexa Account Linking with Amazon Cognito

Power Up Digital Transformation: 10 Technology Trends for IT companies

Alexa Skills and how to develop one for Amazon Echo

Total Cost of Ownership: SAP cloud deployments

AWS Re:Invent 2019: Everything you need to know about it

Five Trends Set to Define Business Transformation in 2020

Cloud Computing Comparisons: On-premise vs Cloud

Ready, Set, Connect: Linke at UKISUG 2019

AWS and SAP: IoT interoperability solution

AWS announces new infrastructure region for Spain

Flexibility and Scalability: Majestic Resorts success story

Linke at SAPSA Impuls 2019

10 Trends to watch for government digital innovation in 2019-2020

How to optimize SAP infrastructure on AWS:  Linke Elastic SAP

New Amazon Alexa Skill: SM Educamos introduces voice assistance at school

Linke at the SAP TechEd Barcelona 2019 with AWS

Goodbye mobile apps, hello voice assistants?

How to accelerate SAP deployments on AWS cloud marketplace

Linke achieves the AWS Migration Competency

Comparing the cloud giants: Uptime and reliability

Cloud IT infrastructure spending slows down, but revenue increases

Why Mahou and its partnership with AWS & Linke has become a success story

5 Reasons to migrate SAP to the cloud

AWS CodeBuild, the perfect tool for developers

An introduction to Linke Emory: Amazon S3 Backint agent for SAP HANA

ENGIE'S Transformation Powered by Data and the Cloud

6 Benefits of SAP Business Suite On AWS

Madrileña Red de Gas migrates to the cloud with AWS and Linke

IoT Spending in Europe Projected to Grow by 20%

Hassan Allam and AWS, driving Egypt's Digital Development

SAP launched Project "Embrace". What it means for Customers and partners

Linke at the AUSAPE 2019 Forum

Installing the Linke AWS Connector for SAP

SAPPHIRE NOW 2019: Recap by Linke

AWS Was the Most Dominant Cloud Service Provider in Q4 2018

Linke, platinum sponsor at the AWS Summit Madrid 2019

Linke with AWS at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 in Orlando

Capitalising on Continuous Compliance for More Streamlined Audits

Support for Large S/4HANA Deployment on AWS

AWS Summit Dubai: Bringing Specialists Together

What are Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances?

Upcoming webinar: Why Should You Migrate SAP workloads to AWS?

Linke at the AWS Summit Paris 2019 as Gold Sponsor

4 tools that will improve your SAP systems with cloud

Upcoming webinar: SAP on AWS. Clearing the path for a succesful migration

AWS launches Linke AWS Connector and Emory Backup for SAP on the Solutions Space

In 2018, spending on the cloud exceeds that on traditional solutions

Webinar: Achieve High Availability for SAP deployments on cloud using AWS tools

Agile Vs. DevOps. What Are The Differences?

Benefits of utilizing serverless computing in applications

Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances are now Available in Asia Pacific and Europe

2018 SAP Licensing explained uneasily

Serverless Computing and AI in the spotlight during 2019

Whats's coming? Intelligent Data Science for Business

AWS DeepLens & Amazon Alexa: A Quick Insight into the AI-Developers Camera

Why You Should Use Automation to Ensure Your Company is GDPR Compliant

Insight on EC2 Auto Scaling Groups; the Different Purchase Options Available

The cloud and the way it is changing business

New Open – AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region

Quickly Improve Your AI skills with AWS DeepLens

Amazon SageMaker Makes Image Classification Easy

Innovative Solutions On AWS Re:Invent 2018

Migration to SAP PO 7.5: Risk or opportunity?

What is Blockchain Technology?

An Overview of Amazon Athena

Creating Better Apps with Machine Learning

AWS Bringing Milan, Italy Onstream As New Region

SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018: A Brief Overview

Lots of Data - but Where's the Intelligence?

Using AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate to Automate Cloud Compliance

Notable Features of InSpec 3.0

Modernize Your Windows Legacy Applications with Habitat

Chef Workstation is Now Widely Available

How Can Your Business Benefit from IoT and AI?

Webinar: Know the Benefits of Integrating Cloud-based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector for SAP

A Quick Glance at the ISG Report on SAP Providers

Devops: How to Unify Software Development and Operations for Better Outcomes

SAP Integration Content Advisor: Machine Learning applied to B2B Integrations

Top 5 Myths about SAP HANA: Debunked

The Future of IoT Managed Services Market

Keep your personalised marketing from being disturbing

What's Amazon Polly? Easy to Integrate Text to Speech For Your Applications

Do you still need Chef in the world of containers?

7 ways ecommerce is leveraging Big Data

Machine Learning made easy with XGBoost and Amazon SageMaker

Businesses are now Drawn by Analytics and Big Data Science

Methods and habits of the new DevOps elite, according to DORA (II)

Methods and habits of the new DevOps elite, according to DORA (I)

Why DevOps is easier on a cloud environment

Getting to know SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Webinar: Ávoris leverages the power of SAP on Amazon Web Services

Banking industry to adopt DevOps and go all-in on the AWS Public Cloud

SAP is a leading data integration tool according to Gartner

Go serverless with AWS Lambda

Linke certified as a nonprofit competent Amazon Partner

Amazon SageMaker Makes Object Detection Algorithm Available

Chef support brings true automation to Amazon Linux 2

How to Get the Most from AWS Lambda Serverless Architectures

The Frontier of new Machine Learning and Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud Computing Giants Thriving on Enterprise IT Spending

The First Anniversary Of SAP Leonardo

Obstacles for Blockchain and DevOps Development

Implement changes speedily with CHEF Automate and AWS

A Look at the Strengths and Capabilities of the AWS Server Platform

Local NVMe Storage: An additional feature on C5 Instances

The Future of Cloud Computing: Four Ways the Cloud Will Change Our Lives

Cloud BI and Analytics Reported To Increase Business Revenue

New Chef-Run Utility to Provide Ad-Hoc Configuration Management

Data Privacy and Cloud Security in SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Triggering Lambda Functions with the AWS IoT 1-Click

Chef Automate 2: The Next Step in Continuous Automation Solutions

New IoT Analytics Service from AWS

The Digitalization of Modern Companies

Amazon S3 and its Benefits

Barceló Hotel Group, SAP ERP performance improved by 25% migrating to AWS

Why You Should Update Chef-Client On AWS Opsworks For Chef Automate Nodes

What are Amazon Machine Images (AMI)?

Gartner says SAP has both vision and capability

How does IoT and AI interact?

The Unveiling of Chef DK 3.0 and its Implications for Users

Simplified Management of Multiple Instances with EC2 Fleet

BSI Grants SAP Global Certification in Compliance with GDPR Protocols

What SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is all about

Optimize Your Cloud Computing

What is Amazon S3?

The Role of Machine Learning in Retail Today

Dynamic Big Data Management for Business Growth

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