Amazon Connect: the revolution of the Contact Center

amazon connectDuring the past 10 years, cloud computing has served business needs such as reporting, analytics, email, and online storage. Also, public cloud computing has maintained databases for apps and IT infrastructures for corporate operations.

Today, most of the business' operations are assumed to take place in the cloud. With Amazon Connect, now it is possible to move your company's customer call center to the public cloud. You'll lower costs, streamline operations, and enjoy increased scalability. So, here's a brief on how Amazon Connect is transforming traditional contact centers.

Read on this article by María Claver, R&D Software Engineer and Pablo Muñoz, Software Engineer at Linke to find out why you should use Amazon Connect to improve customer service system.

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A sneak peek at Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a seamless omni-channel contact center, which runs in the cloud. It helps businesses offer premium customer service solutions. Connect with your customers through chat and voice across a variety of telecom networks and services.

This service comprises different tools for routing, historical and real-time analytics and management. Thanks to its efficiency, it only takes a few minutes to set up a contact center, which can support millions of queries. Plus, it allows businesses to set-up a cloud-based contact center within a short period. Also, one key benefit of Amazon Connect is that you'll enjoy a pay-as-you-go fee model. That way the system costs less than traditional contact centre solutions. 

Because it's part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) product line, your business will benefit from related IT management operations such as networking, servers, and storage

Improving the Call Center with Amazon Connect


Ejemplo de CCP - ConnectExample of a Customer Control Panel (CCP) Initial screen of an incoming call.

Companies can use Amazon Connect Console to manage integration, control and scalability. After analyzing this tool, we have found the following benefits. Let's look at each of them in detail: 

Easy to set up and operate
  • It is possible to: unify different call centers assembled within the same company, greater cost savings and improvements in user service.
  • Accessible from Chrome or Firefox and from anywhere since the connection is made through Internet (encouraging 'home office'). In addition, it avoids the costly physical structures of traditional call/contact centers, reducing, improving and simplifying the connectivity of consultants.
  • The agents' interface, besides being simple and easy to use, can be integrated into any web page.
  • It can be configured by any user through the configuration panel. It is worth noting that the changes are visible instantly (no weeks of waiting are needed to change flows or voiceovers). 

Ejemplo de flujo de contactoExample of a Contact Flow on Amazon Connect.

Low cost
  • It's scalable and automatic. This makes it suitable for both SMEs and multinational companies. On the other hand, companies can benefit from AWS's pay-as-you-go model (pay-per-use), eliminating the "pay-per-agent" model of a traditional call center (pay-per-agent and the hours of activity, even if no calls are received).
  • Considerable reduction of call times and cost of telephone line usage by taking advantage of automation and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Metrics and monitoring, including historical data, are available in real time, allowing users to create their own KPI's.

Ejemplo métricas en tiempo realExisting real-time metrics options on Amazon Connect.


Ejemplo métricas - AGENTEReal-time metrics example on Amazon Connect: Agents.

  • It enables the integration with Business Intelligence (BI) software such as Amazon Quicksight which allows data visualization, dashboard creation and data analysis.  

Ejemplo de dashboard - ConnectExample of a dashboard on Amazon Connect

  • AWS Connect provides a multi-channel customer care environment, integrating voice and chat services into the same agent dashboard.
  • It is also an open platform that easily integrates with existing or third-party systems. One advantage is that Amazon Connect comes ready to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Salesforce or Zendesk, workforce management (WFM) and analytics so that agents have access to customer data.  
  • Agents can obtain and analyze data such as mood, openness to new purchases, among others, with the possibility of upselling. All this thanks to the integration with Contact Lens.
  • Automations (IVR) are also included by default. These are much more flexible and dynamic, easy to configure and can be reused for voice and chat services. 
  • High Availability: One of the advantages of the AWS cloud is the region-based deployment. Firstly, it guarantees total high availability and allows other AWS regions to be assigned as a Disaster Recovery option.   

Smart Integration

Amazon Connect integrates with other AWS services to harness the full power of automation and machine learning (ML). Let's see what functionalities are available when connecting various cloud solutions.

  • Amazon Lex - This is a conversational interface that allows bots insertion (AWS anticipates that during 2020 it will be available in Spanish). This service incorporates natural language recognition technology which interprets each user's query.
  • AWS Lambda - This integration allows the company to automatically collect and process all relevant user information in order to personalize calls and messages through contact flows, i.e. if it recognizes the incoming number, it can answer by name and without an agent. Among other functions it is possible to access the database, send notifications, authenticate a user, and anticipate their needs thanks to the informational background of the user/customer who is contacting you.
  • Amazon Kinesis: this tool is quite useful for streaming data/media in large quantities. For example, record conversations and transcribe them in real time (with the Amazon Transcribe service and store them in Amazon S3 buckets). The content can also be encrypted. Connect's integration with Amazon Comprehend enables real-time analysis of customer conversations and relevant metrics, such as mood or probability of accepting a sale. All this with the power of machine learning.
  • Contact Lens: is the set of machine learning capabilities that analyzes the content of the data obtained in the conversations. Thanks to this tool, a customer relationship system can be easily set up (a Spanish version is expected to be available this or next year). 
Key aspects before implementation
  • Our main recommendation is to be clear about the contact number in order to calculate if the best option is to perform portability or a diversion to Amazon Connect. From one option to another it is possible to save 80% of the cost of the Call/Contact Center service, as well as a reduction in call times.
  • Consider call center flow redesign. This is because Amazon Connect allows you to simplify and personalize processes, achieving a more customer-focused service.
  • Integrate Amazon Connect with the rest of Machine Learning's AWS services to achieve more proactive automation.

To sum it up

We analyzed the features and benefits of Amazon Connect to learn how to make the most of it and how it can fit your business needs. Note that this product has only been in the market for a short time but has been used internally at Amazon for some time now, so they have been able to test and see its advantages over a traditional call center.

It is important to mention that this tool has been created to cover successful campaigns such as Black Friday in order to avoid customer losses during peak calls. The key benefit of Amazon Connect is the high availability (auto-scaling, disaster recovery and availability zones).

Amazon Connect is a new model of Call Center that boosts analytics and machine learning with all the benefits of the AWS cloud: flexibility, pay-per-use, simpler, faster, customized and proactive.

Thinking of transforming your company's Call Center? At Linke we can guide you through all the benefits Amazon Connect has for your business needs. 

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