Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances are now Available in Asia Pacific and Europe

Amazon-EC2-High-Memory-Instances-available-Asia-Pacific-EuropeThe EC2 High Memory Instances offered by Amazon are already up and running in Ireland(Europe), Oregon (US-West), and theAWS GovCloud(US-West) regions. The EC2 instances provide memory spaces that range from 6 TB, 9TB, and 12TB.Download 5 Steps to optimize your SAP on AWS costs
There is a great advantage of utilising EC2 High Memory instances because it allows a company to run its own applications that use large in-memory database placed on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Companies are now able to run applications with the benefit of reducing costs of management of the database system, avoiding complex networking, as it gains the benefits of running large in-memory databases that ensure predictable performance in the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPC. 

The Amazon EC2 High Memory instances are built for applications that have basic CPU usage and experience some temporary increase in usage. These EC2 instances are created to offer a balance of network, memory, and compute resources for a wide array of all sorts of workloads that include low-latency interactive applications, micro-services, development environments, virtual desktops, business-critical application, code-repositories, and small and medium databases. 


Instances certified by SAP

SAP has certified Amazon EC2 instances to run Next-Gen Business Suite S/4HANA, Business Suite on SAP HANA, Analytical Data Mart Solutions on SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and BW (Business Warehouse) on HANA on production fields. 

The expansion we see today of the EC2 High Memory instances makes them available in Ireland (Europe), N. Virginia (US East), Tokyo (Asia Pacific)and US-West (AWS GovCloud). Amazon EC2 High Memory instances offer several additional features to help deploy, scale and manage a company's applications.

Amazon EC2 enables you to select Burstable Performance Instances e.g T3, and Fixed Performance Instances e.g M5, C5, and R5. For burstable instances, a baseline is created of the CPU performance where you are able to burst above it. 

Amazon EC2 Instances and Intel Processors 

EC2 instances running on an Intel processor may allow you to use the following features of the processor: 

  • Intel Turbo Boost Tech: this technology offers you more performance on demand. Cores can be run automatically faster to get more work done quickly compared to the base operating frequency.
  • Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512): Intel AVX and AVX2 are 256-bit, while Intel AVX-512 is 5120-bit that enables applications that are FP (Floating Point) intensive. The instructions on AVX improve application performance like audio/video/image processing, financial analytics, scientific simulation, and 3D modelling and analysis. Instances that are launched with HVM AMIs take advantage of these features.
  • Intel AES New Instructions (AES-NI): This instruction set improves the original AES algorithm to provide better security and faster data protection. This processor feature is supported by all EC2 instances.

Since not all features of the processor are available in all types of instances, check your instance type matrix for further information on the features the instance type you are running is accessible. Log onto AWS website for more information about EC2 instances.


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