Amazon EC2 upgrades in-memory processing for larger SAP clusters


Amazon Web Services is always looking to improve its offerings to suit evolving SAP application needs. The latest upgrade from the service provider is meant to offer bigger SAP HANA clusters. Over time, AWS clients have found more use for EC2, and that means running large-scale SAP applications.

Amazon has been working on instances that can handle the increasing customer workloads. SAP installations are fundamental in fulfilling the mission of any business client. It is why Amazon focuses on providing a robust system where customers can host their products. By looking at the latest update by Amazon, customers can get an idea of what to expect in the future.

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SAP Clusters get Bigger

The announcement from AWS intimates that the service provider is working on the x1.32xlarge instance, which will make it possible to run scale out clusters of up to 17 nodes, and that is 34 TB of memory. No other provider of cloud services on the market offers such large scale-out deployment.


X1 instances are structured to accommodate large-scale in-memory applications. The 1,952 GiB of DDR4 based memory available on X1 instances is eight times that of any other instance. As with other designs in the memory-optimised instance family, the x1.32xlarge runs on four Intel Xeon Haswell core processors.


When Amazon Web Services announced that SAP HANA was available to run in production form in 2012, customers only had up 244 GB of memory, and the latest upgrade is a testament to the evolution of Amazon cloud services. Besides running SAP clusters, the x1.32xlarge is suitable for high-performance computing applications and big data processing engines like Apache Spark. Clients can get more information on how to build and deploy scale-out clusters.

The Growing X1 Instances Family

Amazon Web Services also intends to unveil the x12.32xlarge instance in 2017 in several regions. The instance will be available On-Demand and Reserved Instances. With the upcoming instance, customers will get 3,904 GiB of DDR4 memory, which is double that of the x1.31xlarge, large L3 caches, 128 vCPUs and a high memory bandwidth.


You can expect up to 20Gbps of network bandwidth on the Elastic Network Adapter, default EBS (Amazon Elastic Block Store) optimisation with dedicated EBS throughput of up to 14 Gbps. The instance will be VPC only and will increase the options for customers who want to run larger SAP applications. It also makes scaling up easier.

More Solutions

The AWS announcement on the new update also provides insight on how the provider will meet client requests of cloud native solutions. Amazon intends to continue its memory-extension efforts through 2017 and 2018 by offering instances that give customers between 8 TB and 16 TB of memory.


Together with the x1e.32xlarge, these new instances will make it possible for clients to architect multi-node SAP HANA clusters and single node SAP applications. Any memory-intensive applications that you need to run will find a reliable host.

The Amazon Web Services concentrates on providing superior performance, high availability and reliability for customers to run their SAP solutions on Amazon EC2. Its X1 instances have been offer simplicity, elasticity and cost savings, which make it possible for customers to meet large-scale dataset requirements.


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