Amazon Echo with Alexa: the key to your smart-home control hub


Amazon's Echo devices can truly improve the efficiency of both your everyday and working life, operating as a wireless voice control system speaker.

The Amazon Echo speaker is not your everyday household and workplace device, as at the sound of your voice you can access any information that you may require instantaneously. Whether it is a weather report, surfing the web or compiling a list, the Amazon Echo speaker can serve you a purpose. 

The Amazon Alexa voice control system is the underlying gear on the Echo family devices, which handles the voice recognition, the translation to an action and bringing the appropriate answer to the user. The actions available are endless, ranging from the ones provided by Amazon or the ones developed by third parties.


Amazon Echo and Alexa working together as one

The way Alexa and Echo work together simultaneously has seen the service and the product make a lot of noise in the tech world in terms of establishing a strong smart-home control hub. Echo's far reaching microphones enable voice commandments to be made and heard to Alexa anywhere within earshot and what's more there isn't a required activation button that you need to press.

Alexa is activated using a wake word, which by default is  "Alexa", or it can be customized with the word that you choose. This, shortly followed by the action that you want to be completed, will result in Alexa taking the action and Echo device responding accordingly. It really is as simple as that!

Alexa has a much more responsive and personal feel than mobile voice control devices, such as the iPhone's Siri, which not only increases the efficiency of your smart-home control hub but also can see you relying less on you mobile phone. In a world where so much information and data is ingested and disseminated via mobile devices, reducing your time staring at a screen can only be a positive thing. Even so, it will definitely save you some valuable battery life!


A smart-home control hub

In terms of operating the Echo speaker is a multi purpose device, if it is music you are preoccupied with, there are certainly other cheaper options which can produce better sound for less money. However, Echo is unique, in that it not only works as a speaker alone, but alongside Alexa, it can become a smart-home control hub which can really save you a lot of time and energy and so sacrificing sound quality is perhaps justified.

Alexa  is one of the most straight forward and easy to interact systems on the market. Alexa is extremely responsive and you rarely have to repeat a command twice. Much of the success in building such an easily accessible voice control system comes through the seven microphones contained within the Amazon Echo dot. In other words, Alexa is all ears and always ready to listen to your every command. 

Overall, the Alexa service is not flawless (there are still concerns and issues in terms of maintaining privacy and the simplicity of commands they respond to). However, the smart-home control hub aspect has given the products a lot of clout and has raised a lot of excitement and interest in their industry.

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