AWS: Making Artificial Intelligence Concepts a Reality


Cloud computing has already infiltrated almost all planes of the online utopia, welcoming its realistic and very beneficial approach to all facets of life with each passing day.

However, though AI is still in its infancy stage, its application in machine learning approach, brings forth the advent of a new age in cloud computing especially with the integration of commercial services.


Combining Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

Cloud technology brings forth access to more data. Combining cloud technology with machine learning platforms such as IBM Watson, Google Cloud, and Amazon online services will bring forth a grand age.

The AI technology will able to benefit so much by sifting through an infinite number of resources. Hence the expressed interest where some parties and organizations are beginning to use machine learning platforms like IBM Watson to fight cyber-crimes.


Benefits of Machine Learning in conjunction with AI

The implementation of both machine learning coupled with AI brings forth a grand future where machine-learning services, such as the Amazon web Service, optimize performance and reliability, in getting work done, as well as connecting people and services. But in the same, while not forgetting the role that humans play in refining the overall functionality of the machine learning services.


An example of machine learning services

Made possible through the combination of large volumes of data and powerful search engines, here is a good illustration of machine learning services to AWS customers: Live Television Broadcasting Network such as CSPAN and Sheriff’s station.

Both can now automate their tasks and uses services such as Amazon Rekognition; enabling CSPAN to automatically identify Congress people speaking in Senate or the floor of the house; as well as, at the sheriff’s department in processing photos while searching for persons of interests.

Artificial Intelligence and Amazon Web Services

Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition are the three artificial intelligence toolkits general to the tongue, designed for developers who are building apps on Amazon Web Services. This marks Amazon’s first step for image recognition, text to speech and Alexa NLP AI services.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of AI at Amazon Web Services, recently illustrated how the machine-learning services are shaping commercial services. Speaking at GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit, Swami Sivasubramanian explained of the various machine-learning services that they have developed for AWS clients, as well as the Amazon’s internal servers.


Deep Learning Neural net in AI

For almost two decades now, algorithms such as the Deep Learning Neural net have been in existence. With nearly unlimited specialized computing infrastructure and resources at their disposal, researchers are making the dream of AI a reality.


Future of AI and Cloud Computing

Combining artificial intelligence and Cloud technology, is a captivating endeavor, promising to bring more than we can imagine. Although we are still in the early day of artificial intelligence application, that’s nearly changing, for as we gain great insight into the workings of AI models. We will be able to develop more sophisticated and refined systems, all geared towards developing fully capable AI models.

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