Amazon WorkSpaces Solution

Amazon WorkSpaces Provides the Perfect Solution to Increasing Staff User Demand

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Keeping Pace With Staff Demand

Growth means increased demands on staff usage of existing resources. Limited desktop accession capability means impeded speed, efficiency and workflow. Resourcing staff demand through office-based systems means investment not only in hardware but system resources such as server capability and applications. 

With Amazon WorkSpaces a cloud-based system, staff are able to access their full desktop with ease and from remote locations using a variety of devices. 


Freedom and Accessibility


Because AWS is cloud-based there is no tethering of staff to business centre-based hardware. The system works across a variety of devices: PC, Mac, Kindle, Android Tablet, Chromebook and iPad. To run the Web Access application a Chrome or Firefox web browser is required. The system uses Teradici’s PCoIP technology, optimized for cloud operations; connecting through a PCoIP zero client will therefore offer the best experience.

The advantages of using a cloud-based system are well documented: freedom from a fixed environment, accessibility across a range of devices, reduced hardware acquisition costs and reduction in time spent travelling to accession points all add up to huge benefits. With Amazon WorkSpaces the benefits are multiplied. By using cloud-based services data is better protected as it does not need to be saved on devices. Adding new workers on either a permanent or temporary basis to keep pace with work capacity requirements is simple. Because of the variety of devices that are compatible, workers have greater choice and freedom of choice regarding where and how they access their desktop.


Security Taken Care Of


The system offers both in transit and at rest network encryption as an integrated feature, but additional encryption can be added. Each Amazon WS has a root and user volume, either or both of which can be encrypted by the subscriber. This function needs to be enabled at launch of the WS.


WS Requirements Explained


Three components are necessary to enable Amazon’s WS to work:

  • A client application. A supported device is required. Amazon WS supports a large number. PCs can also be used through PCoIP zero clients.
  • A directory service that will allow authentication of users and allow access to the desktop. As well as Amazon’s own directory service and active directory, clients can use their premises-based Active Directory server with Amazon WS’s Directory Service to support current user credentials.
  • An Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Amazon WS will run in this. A minimum of 2 subnets are necessary for full deployment.

Consideration will need to be given to the design of a Virtual Private Cloud when establishing use of Amazon WS and it is recommended that a specific VPC be dedicated to running AWS. This allows for traffic separation and specification of security guardrails. Directory services for Amazon’s WS require two subnets for directory service split and consideration should therefore be given to future growth and subsequent needs as sizes of subnets are permanent.

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