An introduction to Linke Emory: Amazon S3 Backint agent for SAP HANA

Linke Emory Amazon S3 for SAP HANA

Emory Cloud Backup allows companies to simplify their backup solution by integrating SAP HANA tools with Amazon S3 features.

Digital transformation: a bet on the cloud

Companies that have placed their trust in SAP solutions to run their businesses are looking to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategies. Organizations that focus on innovation know they can leverage their goals with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this context, they also need an implementation solution to link SAP and AWS

Emory Cloud Backup for SAP is easily deployed on HANA database servers, supporting all versions of SUSE and Red Hat supported by SAP. Its installation does not require additional servers or storage deployment. The configuration is done through a simple and intuitive configuration process, focused on the security and trust of the backups. Emory integrates with AWS tools ensuring that all operations are performed via a secure connection, encrypting backups both in transit and in storage, while ensuring that backups are hosted in a service that offers high availability, resilience and scalability at a low cost.


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Linke Emory Cloud Backup: the benefits

By natively connecting SAP HANA and Amazon S3 storage service, customers can benefit from a stable and secure transfer, with speeds of up to 200MB/s (which translates into about 800Gb of data per hour) which allows not only to perform their backups in a fast and secure way, but also to substantially reduce their RTO (recovery time objective) by not relying on third parties for access to copies.

By storing their backups on Amazon S3, customers also benefit from AWS's own lifecycle policies, being able to automatically move old backups to cheaper or longer-lasting storage types, and even eliminate those backups that are no longer needed.


Data at the top of the engine

The SAP HANA database is becoming the new default SAP database engine. Companies around the world are moving towards SAP HANA, and rely on cloud providers like AWS to run their SAP workloads.
While AWS provides the services and infrastructure to run SAP HANA, managing database backups and ensuring that they are available securely and natively in the cloud remains a challenge for customers today. This is where Emory Cloud Backup comes in: the Linke implementation of the SAP-certified backint agent for HANA to manage database backups on Amazon S3.

We invite you to watch this on-demand webinar, in which you will learn how Emory Cloud Backup from Linke can help you manage the SAP HANA database backups on the Amazon S3 storage service, for that matter:

  • Reduce the costs associated with database backups
  • Increase backup performance by reducing recovery times
  • Deploy a native cloud solution to manage cloud infrastructure

Integration, security and simplicity are now within the reach of companies that are committed to innovation. 


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