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Role of CIO in Proper IT management during crisis: Main learnings

The concern over the impact and scale of coronavirus pandemic is increasingly growing, making many organisations to reconsider their response as well as the actions they need to undertake to sustain their organisations. As a result, the CIO has crucial roles in ensuring that a company runs as Covid 19 containment measures are executed.

And all this learnings not only apply to this crisis but for further situations that require quick actions and secure tools to ensure a correct data management and work team planning. Let's take a further look into the pivotal actions, initiatives and main learnings during the actual context and beyond.

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Integrating SAP systems with AWS cloud services

More companies worldwide are aware of all the benefits offered by the public cloud in order to streamline the daily management of data and workloads, taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of cloud environments in their digital transformation processes.

At Linke, we know that customers think of Amazon Web Services as a suitable platform for integrating their SAP systems, increasing the migration projects into AWS’ storage instances. For that reason our experts at Linke had developed a cloud-based and SAP certified solution to achieve this task in an easy and secure manner: AWS Connector for SAP.

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Cloud migration models: choose the best fit for your business

If you are contemplating a cloud migration for your organization, it is important to understand the dynamics and options available to you. Such knowledge will help you plan the move and execute it without hiccups and disruptions to business operations.

This post explains the four main migration models for firms wishing to benefit from cloud computing and want to start a migration project now that the running times allow companies to re-evaluate these initiatives

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Disaster Recovery: how important it is during an alarm situation?

The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented in modern history. As a result, companies need to readapt their activity at a fast pace and in an unknown scenario. This is undoubtedly a situation in which a Disaster Recovery plan is more important than ever

At Linke, we know the importance of critical data and workloads within a company. Over the past few months we have seen a growing need to safeguard these assets on secure and flexible cloud platforms, like AWS. Let's take a look at the importance of a well-rounded Disaster Recovery plan and the main aspects to take into account during the alarm situation. 

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Why is now a good time to carry out cloud migration projects?

The actual sanitary context has triggered an economic crisis with significant consequences. We have seen that some projects have been halted given the priority of saving lives by stopping most of the activities by encouraging social distancing, which is critical.

Within this situation, we see an adoption of new strategies and initiatives concerning cloud technology and, at Linke, we know that this may be a good time to incorporate more cloud-based tools and maintain the competitiveness of companies. 

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Emory for SAP HANA database backups and recovery on AWS cloud

At linke we  constantly work to offer the best cloud-based solutions in order to guarantee that all the critical data of your company is always available. One of our solutions developed for SAP systems and workloads is Emory Cloud Backup. As explained on previous posts, Emory Cloud Backup allows companies to simplify their backup solution by integrating SAP HANA within all Amazon S3 features.

The current context has defined new challenges for companies and data management. This is why we want to announce the availability of Emory Cloud Backup, now in the AWS marketplace, with the aim that every company can benefit from the full power of the cloud for their SAP workloads. We invite you to read more about this product:

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