Ávoris - Barceló Group Case Study

Ávoris is an affiliate of the Barceló Group and an outstanding tourism business in Spain. The company, which has 2,915 employees and 685 travel agencies throughout the country, provides a wide range of tour and travel services to over 2 million travellers each year.
However, the business began facing challenges with its reporting processes since the on-premises SAP environment could not support the grown business anymore.
The SAP overnight reporting processes were being carried over to the next working day hence forcing the staff to wait for the reporting process to end before beginning their SAP-related tasks.
To bring this problem to an end, Ávoris had to migrate its SAP to the cloud. The Amazon Web Services Cloud offered a better choice and furthermore, the company had been running most of its systems on this cloud service.

Why the Amazon Web Services

The company chose the Amazon Web Services Cloud over others since it was the best cloud service provider. The Amazon Web Services introduced the company to Linke IT, an AWS  Premier Consulting Partner, to help in the SAP migration.
The migration task was divided into two phases which were to be completed within three months: 
  • Phase one involved concept proofing (PoC) to show Ávoris' ability to integrate its line-of-business applications with the cloud-based SAP environment. This was also to test if those applications would perform better throughout the SAP systems which i the SAP Hybris and SAP HANA.
  • The second phase involved Linke IT migrating the Ávoris company data from its SAP on-premises to the AWS Cloud. Linke IT completed the entire process on schedule.

Ávoris’s infrastructure is composed of huge Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (commonly termed Amazon EC2) instances. The Amazon EC2 instances work to support SAP applications such as SAP HANA. Among the instances are the r4.xlarge for the company's SAP application server and the r4.2xlarge for enterprise resource planning database server.
For storage, back up and SAP—an add-on, Ávoris uses the Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service. It also uses the Amazon Route 53 for routing traffic to its SAP cloud infrastructure which is inside Amazon VPC - the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

The Benefits

The cloud-based SAP environment is now able to support the business. With the Amazon Web Services, Ávoris’s SAP overnight reporting processes have been over 50% faster than before.
All the SAP ERP workload is processed by the time the employees come to work. Once the employees arrive, they can serve customers immediately; up to 90,000 invoices can be handled during the working hours. There has been a remarkable improvement in the performance even during peak hours hence making it more reliable.

The scalability of the AWS Cloud has erased the risk of Ávoris's SAP platform outgrowing its infrastructure and made its IT sector more cost-effective since it can scale down the AWS platform when activities on the SAP platform are less intense.
The company has been able to reduce the management time for SAP environment, and not forgetting, improving its expertise level to the project in SAP and AWS with the help of Linke IT.
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