AWS announces new infrastructure region for Spain


Within the space of a year, Amazon Web Services were made available in Sweden, Bahrain and Hong Kong as new regions were opened. The company is also working to add an AWS Region to Milan in Italy, Jakarta in Indonesia and Cape Town in South Africa.

Most recently, Amazon announced that there is another AWS Region in the works for Europe and it will be opening end of 2022 or early 2023. Yes, we talk about about Spain region. With this, Amazon Web Services will be available in seven European regions as Milan joins Dublin, London, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Paris in 2020.

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Boosting cloud services in Spain

There are already 22 AWS Regions available across the world granting customers access to 69 Availability Zones. With this announcement, the total number of regions is increasing to 26. The new AWS region in Europe (Spain) will give businesses, educational institutions or public administrations a new space to run their applications.

Jeff Bar visited Spain to meet with developers in Barcelona and Madrid. He was impressed with the variation across the applications there. The developers were working in entertainment, investment recommendations, retail management, analytics for online advertising, social scoring, and other projects.

According to AWS' press releases, the new region will allow local customers to store their data in Spain, with the guarantee that they will maintain full control over the location of their data. And, as a complement, they will have access to a different secure AWS region in Europe.

Many of these Spanish companies now enjoy all benefits of cloud deployments; each made significant use of every AWS database service available as well as AWS Lambda and CloudFormation. Applications were found for both domestic and global markets.

In 2013, Amazon launched AWS Activate in Spain where companies were given access to advice and guidance through one-on-one sessions with AWS experts. This was in addition to web-based training, customer support, self-driven lab sessions, third party offers, and there was up to $100,000 to be had in the form of AWS service credits. Amazon also worked with Caixa Risk Capital and KFund (the VC community) as well as various startup accelerators such as Wayra.

Growth and Innovation 

This is just the latest in the lengthy series of investments Amazon has made across the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid saw an edge location open in 2012 as well as an office in 2014. The first Direct Connect location was added in 2016 and the second came in 2017. This was done to support AWS' rapid growth within the country. Currently, there are two edge locations situated in Madrid in addition to an office in Barcelona.

In terms of education, AWS Activate is not the only support provided to startups. Training has been made available through AWS Academy and AWS Educate. These programs have been built and tailored in Spanish to provide knowledge and develop skills in cloud computing. Now there are hundreds of universities and schools across the country taking advantage of everything these programs have to offer.

Madrid's AWS office is managed and staffed by a wide variety of experts. Their roster includes business development managers, partner managers, solutions architects, account managers, customer service representatives, professional services consultants, and technical account managers. All of these experts are completely driven by customers' needs and are ready to help their clients' businesses succeed by enhancing all the benefits of AWS cloud


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