AWS Bringing Milan, Italy Onstream As New Region


Amazon announced recently that they are setting up a new new Amazon Web Services (AWS) region in Italy. They’re expecting to have it operating by early 2020
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Europe (Milan) Is The Sixth European Region

The region will be known as Europe (Milan) and it will be the sixth AWS region in Europe. A new Swedish region is due to come onstream later in the year. As with other AWS regions, these facilities are built to provide the highest possible security levels and will meet extremely demanding compliance standards. 

Milan will have three Availability Zones (these are locations inside the region that are isolated but connected via low latency links). That brings the total number of Availability Zones worldwide to 57, located in 19 different regions. Another 15 Availability Zones will be launching across five regions in the period up to Q2 2020. 

In Italy, organisations from startups to government departments, including many companies, have been using other AWS regions for longer than a decade. There are a large number of mission-critical applications already using the AWS Cloud. 

Italian Users of Amazon Web Services 

The large chocolate company, Ferrero, has been an AWS customer since 2010. The company uses a template-based model to share functions and features with 250 websites in 80 countries. They’ve reaped two major advantages from using AWS - they can much more easily cope with surges in traffic, and costs are down by 30%. 

Meanwhile, Vodafone Italy is using the AWS Cloud to provide the processing power for extra services to mobile customers with pay as you go phone accounts. In three months this service was built from scratch, to a compliance level of PCI DSS Level 1. It can be scaled rapidly, and has already delivered a 30% reduction in capital expenditure. 

The Centre for Earth Observation at the European Space Agency is using the Data User Element (DUE) program. This utilises EC2 and S3, despite the fact that a lot of the work takes place in satellites orbiting the Earth. At peak times, up to 30 terabytes of observations and images are being stored, and these can the be accessed by 50,000 users. 

The new Milan region will deliver lower latency for local Italian customers. In addition, those applications that must have a base in Italy because of government and other requirements, will now be able to take advantage of AWS Cloud services. 

Education Programmes For Future Developers 

As part of establishing Europe (Milan) region, AWS are launching education programmes for developers, using the AWS Academy along with AWS Educate and AWS Activate. Across Italy, business schools and universities are taking advantage of these programmes to upskill developers for future work. 

The students are not the only ones participating in these programmes - a host of accelerators and startups are joining in too.


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