The Main Features of the AWS Cloud9 Platform


The recently released AWS Cloud9, a cloud-based integrated design environment (IDE) from Amazon, is designed for collaborative programming. It is equipped with numerous features, and on-board connectivity. The AWS web service provides a software platform and the tools to programme in over 40 dynamic programming languages.

Main features of AWS Cloud9 

Fully Featured Editor

The platform run on a managed EC2 instance, features a browser-based editor which is fully customizable to your programming style. It is configured to allow the code to be written, run and debugged within the browser editor.

Whilst writing the code, completion hints and suggestions are provided to create cleaner code with less mistakes. The hints and suggestions are based on the standard libraries and linked file identifiers. The editor windows feature drag and drop adjustments to enable a pleasing work environment.

Broad Run Configurations

With support for multiple programming languages, defining the run configurations for a specific project language can be set by default.

For more control, the development environment allows custom configurations to be setup. Environmental variables, command line options and file naming conventions can all be controlled.


Serverless Development Tools

The cloud-based platform provides a range of tools for the development of serverless applications and for testing Lambda functions. The environment has the necessary tools, SDK’s and libraries pre-packaged, to develop serverless applications.

With support for the Serverless Application Model (SAM), resource definition and management are simplified with SAM templates. AWS Lambda functions can be edited and debugged within the development environment.


Linux Server Connectivity

For businesses running their own Linux servers, the Cloud9 development environment has SSH connectivity. This will allow the IDE to run on any Linux server, whether on-premises, with Amazon AWS or another cloud-based provider.


Built-in Terminal

To control the running EC2 instance, the IDE includes a built-in terminal with full sudo privileges. The terminal also provides a way to perform Git push and pull functions, to compile code, to run commands or to display server output.


Collaborative Editing and Chat

The AWS Cloud9 IDE allows multiple developers to collaborate in real-time, allowing for pair or team programming.

Within the IDE, a chat client enables online team members to chat with each other, without having to leave the development environment. The editor identifies the code attributed to each programmer.


Continuous Delivery Toolchain

Cloud9 integrates with other Amazon applications to provide quick deployment of applications. The Codestar application provides quick end-to-end deployment through the CodeCommit, CodeBuild, Code Pipeline and CodeDeploy applications.


Revision History and IDE Customization

AWS Cloud9 has other features to enable a more pleasant and profitable experience when programming individually or collaboratively.

  • The IDE maintains a full revision history, enables reversion to previous iterations, or see previous changes.
  • The platform offers numerous themes for syntax highlighting, and for the user interface.
  • Themes are customizable using stylesheets.
  • VIM, Emacs, and Sublime in addition to the default key binding are offered.
  • Customizable binding can be defined, allowing for familiar keyboard shortcuts and commands.
  • The Built-in Image Editor enable image manipulation within the browser.


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