AWS crowned Gartner's IaaS Magic Quadrant leader for 7th year running


For the seventh year in a row, AWS was recently named leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant.

This will likely not come as a surprise to many in the IaaS world, as AWS has been a dominating market leader for years and this reign looks set to continue. However, there is very good reason for this continued success that looks extremely unlikely to abate any time soon.


Infrastructure as a Service

The concept of essentially renting your infrastructure rather than physically purchasing and maintaining everything yourself is appealing for a wide variety of reasons. It makes it incredibly easy for any business to requisition scaling hardware that can be customised to their exact requirements all but instantly. This ability to scale is vital and is one of the reasons Amazon has seen so much success in this industry.


Scaling your infrastructure

To understand the success of both Amazon and IaaS in general, a little bit of history is required. One of the most common problems businesses used to run into in yesteryear was outgrowing the server they were hosted on.

Websites would be stored and accessed on one or a small array of servers, usually in a single physical location. Too much traffic, a large enough project or an accident at the server hosting facility could all knock a website offline.

By making use of Infrastructure as a Service, your project can be placed on huge virtualised server farms and distributed worldwide, meaning that scaling to meet growing demand is as simple as tweaking your virtual server settings and being distributed globally not only helps connect visitors to physically closer CDNs to aid in loading times, but also obviates issues and accidents with physical servers from taking your website down completely.


Amazon monopolising the market

As you may well imagine, very few businesses have the capacity to run extremely large server farms, distributed across the world and capable of meeting unexpected surges in traffic without choking. Amazon is almost uniquely positioned in this regard, with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant showing only Microsoft even comes close to matching their position.

Amazon ticks all the boxes when it comes to checklists of what developers want from their infrastructure and the wealth of tools they offer to help manage and customise these clusters only helps to cement their lead in the industry.


AWS has no competition

Amazon being named leader for the 7th year in a row is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone, but the victory is no less well deserved. Size and global reach are hugely important when it comes to offering infrastructure services.

There is huge demand for these sort of infrastructure capabilities, but very few companies have the resources to be able to match what AWS has to offer. In addition to the capability and stability offered by this multinational conglomerate, the range of products and services that have been built on top of their infrastructure offerings remains virtually unparalleled.


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