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AWS EC2 F1 Instances Now On The Market

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Editorial Team


Top universities, online forums, partners and independent developers alike have been delighted to hear that AWS EC2 F1 Instances with FPAGs are now available in the US East region and will be available in additional regions shortly.

The response has been clamourous, with a specially created AWS FPGA Development Forum designed to give developers a space to share ideas and establish new ones, there has been plenty of talk and formulation regarding its capabilites.

So What's The Big Deal?

Usually this type of technology needs high investemts for on premises installation. However, this is now not necessary with this latest product as Amazon Web Services allows easy access and fully customizable FPGAs within the cloud. This streamlines costs and cuts waiting times by allowing developers to deploy your own hardware accelerations when they see fit.

Partners and developers have been fastidiously testing all the angles to bring new and improved services and applications to end-users. Adding new features constantly through feedback and intiative, EC2 F1 Instances has within its power the potential to accelerate numerous varieties of:

  • big data searches (advanced with the assistance of the National Science Foundation)
  • video processing
  • encryption algorithms and applications
  • genomics and seismic and financial risk analysis

Simplifying and optimizing past tools in the best ways possible. 

Users are now able to access support for VHDL, as well as Verilog. And thanks to the online feedback the HDK and SDK kits can be found, fully formed, at Github. As well as the forum mentioned above, improved testing facilities in their virtual lab environment have meant further support for AWS Libraries and Open CL including Amazon Web Store Open CL.

UCLA is certainly dedicating a lot of resources to improving the technology by investing in research projects that include FPGA performance debugging, systolic array compilation and machine learning amongst other valuable work.

Who Else Is Joing In?

When it comes to the independent input and partnership recognition, Ryft have played a part by offering Ryft Cloud to help with the challenge of running analytics against huge amounts of data. Not only this but, with Elastic Stack which collects data from various upto date Amazon and non-Amazon stores, machine learning has increased. Using huge APIs from the well-known Python, Java and C++ teams.

Also amongst the partners are genomics specialists Edico Genome who are set to position its DRAGEN BIO-IT Platform here too. Anticipating that this will ensure runs in real time with whole-genome sequencing.

Getting Started

All the tools necessary are available in an all-inclusive package that developers can purchase in two sizes. These being either an on demand or reserved inatances. FPGA's in the AWS Marketplace are complete end-to-end solutions that allows developers to build and list their creations autonoumously. We are all waitning to see what arrives next.

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Editorial Team

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