AWS has finally become a member of the CNCF


Though it had been holding out for some time, Amazon Web Services has now joined up to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It joined up at platinum level, making it one of 16 platinum members of the CNCF. AWS had been collaborating with the CNCF for some time, so in many ways joining the Foundation now simply represents a formalisation of a relatively long standing relationship. 

The CNCF: what it does

The CNCF, which has Dan Kohn as its executive director, provides containerised open source software stacks.

Its software is renowned for being ultra transparent, flexible and dynamic. These are all qualities that we have come to expect from Amazon Web Services, too, so it definitely makes sense for them to become a member of the Foundation. The CNCF is hosted by the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation is also responsible for hosting more than 50 other types of open source software.

What is a platinum membership of the CNCF?

Platinum membership is the highest level of membership of the CNCF. Other platinum members include Google and IBM, so Amazon Web Services will be in prestigious company. Microsoft is another platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and they also hold platinum membership of the Linux Foundation. The two levels of membership below platinum are gold and silver. 

What benefits will membership of the CNCF provide for AWS?

Being a member of the CNCF is a huge endorsement for any software brand. Membership also means that a company gets to work with a high powered aggregator who will be able to bring together projects and also act as a superb quality filter.

The CNCF is also a financially powerful force in the world of DevOps: the most recent financial figures from the latest quarter indicate that it brought in £3.13bn worth of revenue and that it had also increased its market share by around 1%. 

Containerisation: the future

There is no doubt in many tech commentators' minds that containerisation is the future of DevOps. In particular, containerisation has been found to be the most promising approach to delivering efficient and effective microservices. As such, it is very encouraging that big companies are pairing up with the CNCF as this will enable them to focus on containerisation more in future projects.

At last

This will be the response of many in the DevOps community when they hear about the newest platinum member of the CNCF.

As their goals are so similar, and as their approach to DevOps and to microservices are so well aligned, it was only a matter of time before Amazon's prestigious DevOps branch acceded to the CNCF.

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