AWS Lambda Architecture is Changing How Cloud Enterprise Works


AWS Lambda is one of the most exciting things to come from the recent wave of serverless computer services. Here we discuss why AWS Lambda architecture is changing tech enterprise online, and how you can make Lambda work for your firm.


What is AWS Lambda?


 AWS Lambda is a service launched in 2014. It interacts with other Amazon cloud services, running code that allows programmers to trigger functions in Lambda based on events in the other cloud services.


Lambda is serverless, which means that its functions don't rely on a server and are automated. A skilled team of developers it needed to set up such a serverless system.


How AWS Lambda Architecture Can Change Cloud Enterprise


 Lambda reduces development times for cloud services because it allows developers to create and use new code in response to events in real time. This does however result in a loss of local storage and customisation options.


The increase in speed is very important for start ups, which are sometimes at risk of collapse if the deployment of their services is too long and difficult.


Some development teams use Lambda as one of a range of different services, whereas some rely almost entirely on on the serverless technology. It offers different advantages for different business models.


Moving to a serverless environment doesn't entirely remove the role of IT Ops teams. It means that businesses shift from server management to a focus on building and optimising apps.


How to Put AWS Lambda to Good Use


 Setting up a serverless architecture can be a complicated task, and every enterprise will need to do it slightly differently. Code will need to be optimised to work across multiple services.


Firms will need to put together a highly skilled team to carefully map out the architecture and make sure that it works effectively for the firm's purposes.


Managing AWS Lambda


 One downside of serverless architecture is that it is a lot harder for firms' IT teams to understand when something has gone wrong with the code because the system is difficult to monitor.


However, developers who work with Lambda have made a lot of progress in solving common problems that the system tends to encounter, as well as developing tools to visualise the performance of Lambda functions. There are a lot of online resources available to help developers who are struggling with Lambda optimisation.


Amazon Cloudwatch Dashboards


 Amazon Cloudwatch is a tool that developers can use to make operating through Lambda considerably easier. Cloudwatch monitors the user's cloud based applications and other cloud resources, allowing you to see and review their important metrics.


Amazon has now introduced customised dashboards that show multiple metrics and that you can customise with text and images. Developers can build multiple dashboards with each giving them a different viewpoint of their architecture.


Looking Further Afield


 Lambda is not the only serverless architecture service available. Look through the alternatives and make sure that Lambda is right for your enterprise before you opt to invest in it.


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