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AWS Lambda Functions on Connected Devices with AWS Greengrass

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After spending a lengthy period of time in the beta testing phase and after a lot of hype, AWS Greengrass is now totally available for all users.

What is AWS Greengrass?

Providing local execution capability in the cloud era, Greengrass makes it possible to execute computational tasks, send messages and store data in the cache of connected devices safely.
The biggest selling point, however, which Amazon itself made clear in their official statement that accompanied the release, is that Greengrass makes it possible for developers to execute Amazon Lambda on connected devices without having to connect to the cloud.

Greengrass makes it possible to create solutions for the internet of things (IoT) that connect different types of devices both to the cloud and to each other (without the need for the cloud) given that the core of Greengrass allows for local messaging, cache storage, and AWS Lambda coding.

Why is AWS Greengrass useful?

With Greengrass, developers can use familiar programming languages and models for creating and testing software for IoT devices on the cloud and then later they can be implemented on the devices. Furthermore, Greengrass can be programmed to filter out data for devices and only transmit necessary information back to the cloud.
More than a dozen key partners of Amazon web services are integrating AWS Greengrass into their platforms in order to have this service that runs AWS Lambda functions on connected devices from the beginning.

Which companies have adopted AWS Greengrass?

To give an idea of the diversity of companies that are adopting Greengrass for AWS, here is a rundown of seven of the companies that have adopted the service:

The mysterious Israeli-based chip maker was actually acquired by Amazon in 2015 for more than 350 million USD.

Along with the iPhone, Samsung smartphones and tablets are easily the most popular. The Korean firm is one of the biggest names in the internet of things.

Digi International
The American company is a leader in the world of M2M (machine to machine) technology.

The Chinese multinational is the biggest personal computer vendor, and are also earning a reputation for manufacturing more affordable smartwatches.

The global leader in semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Raspberry Pi
Small, single board computers that are geared towards teaching basic computer science that's become extremely popular with the "maker" subculture.

An original equipment manufacturer based in Bellevue, Washington.

A lot of IoT projects are important given that many mobile devices are now connected to serious infrastructure that includes factories, oil wells, vehicles, and more. For this reason, in addition to being able to carry out tasks on the cloud, it is still necessary to be able to do these same tasks locally, even if only intermittently.

Now that AWS Lambda can be handled by IoT devices with AWS Greengrass, developers can work locally on their phones and tablets, modifying the data that they generate as part of the app creation process while they use the AWS cloud for project management, analysis, and storage.
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