AWS Lambda in London. Now Available in Europe Region!


Since 1 February 2017, AWS Lambda is available for the region Europe (London), making a valuable cloud computing resource ready to use for developers and businesses across England. With this, Amazon widens its developer offerings for the region and promises to power a variety of businesses' online and app applications. Read on for all the exciting details!


How AWS Lambda puts an end to your server worries

AWS Lambda is Amazon's gift to developers who do not want to bother with running physical servers but make no compromises on service quality and reliability. You can run any type of application or backend service, server-independently, and you only pay for the computing power actually used. All you need to do is upload your code and Lambda will take things from there.

Depending on how you set it up, your code can trigger automatically from another AWS service or directly from a web or mobile app. Trigger response occurs within milliseconds, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. All of that and more is now available to English developers!


Continuous scaling, precise metering, and seamless operation

Lambda's premium operation lies in the fact it continuously scales your application by running code as a response to individual triggers. Thus, it services requests in parallel and as many as needed to ensure exact scaling commensurate with the actual workload.

It also minimises the cost to you by charging you in 100-millisecond intervals, shutting down the metre the instant your code is not in use anymore. This makes for exceedingly precise and seamless operation - and did we mention you have no servers to maintain and provision? This is seriously good.


Realtime data and file processing at your fingertips

AWS Lambda can be triggered to run code in a variety of ways, such as changes in data or system states, user actions, or your own prodding as well. A variety of AWS services can be hooked up to it and trigger it, too, like S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SNS, and CloudWatch. You can use these to assemble a generous variety of realtime server-less data processing systems.

You can also process files right on upload by using Amazon S3 to trigger Lambda. This makes thumbnailing images, transcoding video, file indexing, log processing, content validation, and data aggregation and filtering smoother, easier, and 100 per cent in real time.


Stream processing, every way you want it

Lambda delivers in heavier-duty tasks such as stream data processing as well. You can track application activity, process transactions and orders, analyse clickstream data, generate metrics, filter logs, and take apart social media and IoT telemetric data, too.

And speaking of IoT, Lambda lets you build your own backends for wearable device data metrics, thanks to Kinesis.


Let Lambda liberate you!

If this post sounds elated and positive, that's how it should be: Lambda's arrival to England is great news, so have fun exploring its many cool features!

Stay tunned for more content like this.

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