Success story: AWS Connector for SAP implementation on Barceló Hotel Group


It is impossible to operate a modern business without depending on technological solutions. Thanks to enterprise software solutions, most business functions relating to sales, inventory management, customer relations and human resource management don't have to be handled manually. SAP is widely recognized as the global leader in terms of providing enterprise management software.

One of the most common challenges companies that use enterprise management software are facing is storage. Especially for larger corporations, it can be costly to set up storage servers for both historical and operational data being produced by their management system. Cloud computing has recently become one of the best solutions to the storage and integration concerns, with AWS (Amazon Web Services) being the clear industry leader.

Linke's AWS connector for SAP creates a secure link between an organizations SAP enterprise management system and its AWS cloud platform. Its effectiveness is best highlighted by the following case study involving Barceló Hotel Group.


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The Challenge: integration and efficiency

Spanish based Barceló Hotel Group is the 42nd largest hotel chain in the world. It operates 234 hotels spread over 22 countries. Its global room capacity is approximately 5,000 and it has more than 25,000 employees. This means that its SAP management system generates a high amount of data on a daily basis making storage one of the biggest challenges facing the organization. Barceló aims to reduce the size of its database by 2.5 TB.

Apart from storage, ease of access to operational and historical data is another challenge. While each location can have a local storage server to handle the SAP database; management functions are better streamlined by having a central storage platform, in this case through the Amazon S3 storage service. 

The Solution

The AWS connector for SAP has proven to be the right solution in terms of providing a link between the local SAP and cloud-based AWS platform. AS a result, the travel company has managed to reduce its database size to 800 GB. The time it takes to back up the entire organization's database has also been reduced by 30%.

Ramon Ramis, Barceló's head of financial systems, has been particularly impressed by savings in resource capacity by migrating historical data to the cloud and the efficiency and security of directly storing archives in Amazon S3.


SAP on AWS: Reliability and Security

With the Hotel Barceló case study highlighting the benefits of the AWS Connector for SAP, how does it rate in terms of reliability and safety? It turns out, very well. This is due to a number of factors listed below:

  • Linke AWS connector for SAP has the approval and certification from both SAP and AWS.
  • The connector is created using SAP's native programming language, ABAP. This ensures that there is no third-party software or hardware involvement that can be exploited in the connection between the SAP and AWS platforms.
  • The connection between the local and cloud platforms is secured by HTTPS encryption.

The proven track record in terms of results, in addition to above security and reliability factors, make the SAP-AWS connector a vital component in the operation of any modern business.


You can find more information about Barceló Hotel Group case study here.


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