Barceló Hotel Group, SAP ERP performance improved by 25% migrating to AWS


Barceló Hotel Group, founded in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 85 years ago, focuses mainly on hotels and the travel industry. In 2017 the company owned 234 hotels in 22 countries worldwide with more than 51 000 rooms and 25 000 employees. Barceló Hotel Group is part of  Group Barceló as well as the travel agency Avoris with more than 700 agencies on 4 continents.

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The situation before 2014: the hosting challenge

From 2006 -2014 a DataCenter hosted their systems with one supplier managing all machines. The group decided to change their logistic infrastructure policy in 2014 and moved their logistic infrastructure to a private cloud. A contract was signed for a period of three years and the project implementation time was 3 months. Performance related issues with their database forced them to use a mixed infrastructure.

In 2017 their objective was to move to a 100% cloud solution to respond to their needs and eliminate physical machines. After RFP's, they chose Amazon Web Services as their public cloud vendor and Linke as the technological partner, responsible for the migration of all the SAP systems to the cloud. The new strategy was sure to provide better performance. The decision was made after the other company of the Barceló Group, Ávoris successfully migrated SAP to AWS with Linke. 

The Solution: migrating SAP to AWS

The project had to be completed in 3 months because of the existing contracts expiry date. The migrating period was reduced to a month and a half. This didn't deter Linke from migrating Barceló Hotel Group with the 16 SAP-system applications, they also installed Solution Manager, Router and Web Dispatcher directly onto the cloud versions with the technical support of the client and the AWS infrastructure.

Their experience and knowledge of migrations onto Amazon Web Services and the assistance of SAP Basis developers and AWS infrastructure consultant engineers reduced the risk of integrating the systems. 

The Benefits

The migration of their SAP-systems to AWS was positive as it resulted in better performance. The result is that new hotels can be incorporated and implemented faster. The overall object of operating within a 100% virtual environment has been achieved.

Their infrastructure for the SAP systems has been moved to AWS which ensured a 20 -25% performance improvements on SAP ERP systems and ensured possibilities like the Amazon SES service.

The Purchasing Department benefited with the ability to generate SAP BI reports faster. Their performing issues saw an improvement of more than 20%.

The Hotel group switched from a VPN network to the SAP Router model which allowed simplicity in their processes, hotels can now use the internet to directly connect to SAP, saving time and resources. AWS public cloud use will allow the group to grow according to their needs.  

The Future

The Barceló Hotel Group will be supported by Linke in their technological transformation and the following projects are planned: 
  • Maintenance on all SAP systems and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis
  • Cost reduction by using AWS
  • Implementation of the Linke  AWS Connector for SAP to assist in archiving SAP ERP onto AWS which will reduce infrastructure costs and space use
  • Further performance improvements on SAP ERP

If you want to know more, you can read the full case study here.


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