Banking industry to adopt DevOps and go all-in on the AWS Public Cloud


Companies from different sectors, including banking, are adopting DevOps methodologies in order to improve time-to-market as well as develop structures that allow them to easily scale their services, be faster and more agile.

Barclays Bank has divulged details of its plan to embrace some digital transformation. This is through going all-in on the well-known AWS public cloud through their DevOps adoption. The project is expected to have the bank shut all its data centres and go full swing on the public cloud (AWS).

According to them, this project is simply a part of a bigger push to increase the bank’s ability to handle the ever-evolving financial services.


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How the Financial Industry is Changing

In the last decade, the financial industry has seen the margins getting squeezed, profits dropping and regulations becoming tighter than before. People are finding it harder to accomplish things as they are forced to do more with less. This is worsened by the fact that much of the technology at Barclays Bank is managed from 18 data centres that are on-premise, and their resources are sometimes unavailable to the developers as they would require them.

There are times when the developers have to wait for weeks or even months before getting space on the crucial infrastructure, which means that they cannot build applications and quickly put them on the market. With their expertise being in finance and technology, they normally support all their technology by themselves.

It is due to these constraints that Barclays Bank has decided to minimise the time its developers take to gain access and also compute the resources they require. Their ambition is to create foundational software that the developers can access directly. This is a cloud computing service that is run by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Benefits of Moving to Public Cloud

Although Barclays is faced by the challenge of moving all-in, they will enjoy a lot of benefits.

  • Firstly, they are faced with the challenge of giving their developers full access to Amazon Web Services, which is not easy to build. The good thing is that the benefits of this move surpass all the challenges. Cloud computing can help a business scale from the bottom and penetrate the market with ease and speed. Ideas can get to the market in a short span. However, for this to be possible, the business needs to act fast and be reactive.
  • Their security situation will also improve since they have taken the necessary steps to ensure data security. Many clients might be worried that by Barclays Bank operating in such a highly regulated environment and giving their developers full access to the public cloud, they are compromising their financial transactions. However, this is not the case as they are keeping a keen eye on things in the background to ensure the developers and the bank remains safe.


Preparing to go all-in

This move to AWS public cloud started in 2016 in their GTIS division that has at least 3,000 workers. It is tasked with supporting all of the company’s technology infrastructure, ranging from laptops to data centres. To commence the process, the institution has 35 people who are working together within GTIS in different areas such as spanning database, storage and visualisation and networks.

This team is geographically dispersed. Some of the members are located in London, Singapore, Cheshire and Lithuania. This made it essential for the bank to install webcams across the four sites thus, helping to break down some of the barriers the teams were facing.

Since this made the teams see into each others’ workplaces, they were able to work harmoniously to create the next best thing for this financial institution. Their adoption of DevOps will see this bank scaling the heights of technology.


If you want further information about this methodology, here you can find a success story about the using of DevOps and AWS services.


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