Benefits & Capabilities of the AWS Serverless Platform


Programming without the need for servers ensures developers can keep their primary focus on their product at its core, by eliminating the need to manage servers and monitor run times.

The AWS Serverless Platform can be built for numerous applications and backend services, without requiring the developer to provision any servers.

Four Main Benefits of AWS serverless

  • The AWS Serverless services require no server management. This means no software to install, and minimal maintenance.
  • Applications made through AWS can also be scaled automatically. This is done by manipulating the units of consumption (such as memory) without toggling any server settings.
  • Services run by the AWS Serverless Platform have built-in fault tolerance and availability. As a result, developers do not need to account for these capabilities themselves.
  • A benefit to serverless applications made through AWS is that there is no idle capacity. There is no charge when code is not running, and this eliminates the need to overestimate the provisions needed for capabilities such as storage.



  • Amazon's serverless platform provides support for business and personal use in numerous ways. For example, the cloud logic layer acts as a control panel for digital infrastructure and APIs on the web.
  • The security and control of access also allows users to secure their technology and applications with logging, encryption and access controls. This security comes from the Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool, and private environments can be made through the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • The Serverless Application Repository can be used to deploy serverless applications for use in multiple instances: backends, Alexa skills, Internet Of Things (IoT) and stream processing. There are also integrations with popular and reliable third party resources available.
  • The open source Serverless Application Model can be used to deploy the applications and services created with this platform. The applications can then be monitored throughout their lifecycle using CodePipeline and CodeBuild.


The AWS Serverless Platform

The platform provides developers with a vast array of services which are fully managed, allowing them to build and run applications without servers. AWS Serverless handles all of the capabilities (such as storage, databases, and message queueing) for the developers.
  • Lambda allows users to run code without the need to manage or provision servers. Payment is only taken for the time consumed, rather than charging when code is not running.
  • API Gateway makes it easy for developers to publish and monitor their APIs at any time, and at any scale, securely. It handles functions such as large scale traffic management and authorisation.
  • There are other tools such as Kinesis, Step Functions, SNS and DynamoDB, all of which are in place for developers to use to run their serverless applications.

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