Amazon Connect: all the benefits of integrating a cloud based contact center

36100826_mEvery day companies are open to many call centre solutions to choose from when creating or migrating their current contact centre. One of the most recent solutions is Amazon Connect, an AWS service, but what can Amazon Connect provide that other solutions do not?

On today's article we will deepen at the benefits of integrating Amazon Connect service as a contact centre for your company. Javier Mora Díaz, Software Engineer and AWS Certified Alexa skill Builder, tells us more about it.

Thinking about modernizing and optimizing your company's Call Center? At Linke we can guide you on how Amazon Connect can benefit your business thanks to the power of the AWS cloud. Find out more about Amazon Connect and request a proof of concept.

A contact center with great benefits

Amazon Connect is a contact centre service based on the AWS cloud, which makes it a service that benefits from all the advantages of other cloud services:

  • Service Level (SLA) of 99.99%
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Pay per use only
  • No need to pay for licenses, neither by software nor by number of agents
  • Graphical and intuitive interface
  • Capability-based addressing
  • Possibility of making and putting into production changes in minutes
  • Hardware required: Headset and microphone
  • Software required: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

As we explained in previous posts, Amazon Connect can be up and running in a matter of minutes since, as it is cloud-based, no additional infrastructure needs to be implemented. Furthermore, it is a reliable service with the ability to scale according to the needs and growth of the business. For example, at times of peak demand, it is possible to have a rapid and immediate response. 

And an important point that differentiates it from other solutions is that it is designed to integrate with various systems. From the CRM or ERP used by the company, to native AWS databases, email services, among many other options. 

Another great advantage is that Amazon Connect is also enabled to use AWS Lex's Artificial Intelligence (a service for creating conversation interfaces with voice and text in any application). This allows interactions to be automated and response times and the quality of service of each agent to be improved. In addition, this feature allows the creation of personalized messages based on the knowledge of each customer and previously opened tickets

Amazon Connect - integration with Amazon Lex


First steps with Amazon Connect

Once a project has been started on Amazon Connect, a process of learning how to use the new platform is set in motion. This process is incredibly quick and easy as Amazon Connect has a simple platform for both administrators and agents

But this is not its only strength, the AWS call centre service allows us to make changes to flows in minutes, while other types of systems need hours or even days to make changes and replicate them, Amazon Connect allows us to make a change and have it deployed in less than a minute, this means that we can react to any unforeseen event, such as a saturation of agents due to an incident, we could create an alternative number or flow in a matter of minutes to inform users.


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Possibilities outside Connect

One of the most frequent problems when migrating a traditional call centre system to Amazon Connect is that users are very used to the traditional use of the previous tool, and sometimes need certain integrations or customized reports to be able to follow the same workflow at a business level. This is not a problem for Amazon Connect, as we can integrate with other services in the public AWS cloud. Let's look at some examples:

1. Amazon QuickSight

Quicksight is the BI service at AWS. All the information generated in Amazon Connect can be consulted by QuickSight through integrations and thus allowing to customize the reports to the desired level.

Amazon Quicksight 


2. Integration with CRM platforms

Amazon Connect offers a library called Amazon Connect Streams that allows the agent panel (CCP) to be incorporated into any web browser, making it very easy to integrate into other web platforms. 

Currently there are already specific integrations, as is the case with Salesforce and Zendesk, but custom developments can be made to integrate Amazon Connect Stream with any CRM tool and at Linke we have the knowledge and experience to do so. In this guide developed by AWS you can find more information about integration with your CRM.

We are experts in AWS

At Linke we have carried out projects to migrate traditional call centres to Amazon Connect. These migrations are a challenge because, although Amazon Connect offers an easy and intuitive service, the challenge is to transfer all the logic and flows existing in the traditional call centre system to Amazon Connect. 

Despite being a challenge in itself, we can assure you, based on our experience, that it is a simple challenge, quick to carry out and without risk, as Amazon Connect is a platform that supports any type of call load thanks to its automatic scaling.

As AWS' Premier Consulting Partners, we have the required certifications which allow us to carry out the appropriate evaluations of each workload and the companies' current systems. As a result, the implementation of migration projects is more efficient and the migrated systems are operational in the short term.

Do you still have doubts?

There is no doubt that migrating a contact centre is a great step within a company, but if you are not sure, Linke's team recommends that as a preliminary step to a migration you should carry out a PoC (proof of concept) test that allows you to try and test a real use case and compare first hand the benefits of using Amazon Connect. 

Linke will advise you on the best use case to implement in the PoC so that you can have a global vision of what Amazon Connect can do. We will also answer any questions you may have about how to integrate Amazon Connect with the different services of your business, if necessary.

Find out more about Amazon Connect and ask for a Proof of Concept


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