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We're thrilled to declare the release of a new studying website: Chef Rally for Amazon developers and Chef Beginners alike.

For those with no idea of what learn CHEF Rally is, let's say it’s a site where Chef assists a community of experts to start and continue understanding Chef, DevOps, continuous automation and compliance. It works as a location for locating hands-on, self-paced studying materials.


A brief introduction of Chef Software

Adam Edward designed Chef software as a business structure aimed at developing end-to-end server/deployment resources. Developers who develop cloud based systems such as Amazon will find Chef Software a particularly useful tool to make and set up new machines instantly.

This tool coupled by continuous automation will enable rapid deployments of apps and associated infrastructure in cloud environments such as Amazon.


Chef developers: you are welcome to start your learning journey

This preliminary launch is the starting point of a long-term effort to help people enhance their Chef abilities in a sensible and significant way by achieving specific projects and perfecting the fundamental social ideas that drive DevOps.


Learning the basics of Chef Software

Own-paced, Basic Tracks and Modules

For a start, you can select several tracks and 50 modules and above from a menu. A track categorizes learning actions that are related. A track is just a curriculum that acts as a guide. For example, there’s a DevOps Transformation Track that will track you how to analyze website operations.

A module is a course covering a particular subject, for example, Create a web app cookbook module which will show you how to create a reusable cookbook.

In this course, you learn at your own pace. You can start and choose your experience; you can pick modules randomly from different tracks or stick to one track at a time.


Why you should sign up and create a personal account

Anyone wishing to earn a badge and track their improvement is required to register and create an account using A GitHub or Google account for logging in.

  • In the profile section, one can monitor their modules and tracks progress, earned badges and other achievements
  • Secondly, a person stays informed whenever new content is available

For those with no personal accounts, they are still able to use Learn chef Rally but with no progress to show for their learning.


Customize your profile and showcase your learning progress

See some material or subject that you think others would deem valuable? Want to display your colleagues that you just refined off another track? Want to focus on your information and all of your accomplishments? You can discuss all of this via the regular social platforms such as Facebook.


How to get started

New learners need to Sign in and finish the Getting Started track to generate their first badge (It requires only a few moments.) and score the special version grand Starting badge.


Future Postings

Chef users, however, need to stay on the lookout for more studying material, more badges and unique edition badges and camping swag as they continue to sharpen their skills.


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