BSI Grants SAP Global Certification in Compliance with GDPR Protocols


Data protection and privacy have become extremely relevant topics in recent weeks. This is particularly the case due to a new set of European guidelines known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies are now required to adhere to additional restrictions in regards to the acquisition, processing and retention of client data.

As these regulations are the first of their kind in more than two decades, many firms are being forced to make significant changes. However, other organisations have already been able to adapt to these requirements. One example is the software and DevOps application company known as SAP. 

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What Does the GDPR Outline?

The main intention of the GDPR is to provide consumers as well as companies with a greater level of transparency when dealing with data protection. It is also meant to coordinate disparate practices across several European states into a centralised framework.

By providing this extra level of standardisation, firms will have a much clearer understanding of how they can collect and store data. Not only does this provide customers with a peace of mind in knowing that their details will always remain safe, but it also protects participating organisations in the event that they are accused of a breach of policy. 

SAP: Meeting Strict and Modern Guidelines

There were several other benefits which were highlighted after the initial approval by the BSI (British Standards Institution). These included: 
  • The fact that this firm is able to adhere to all internal compliance rules
  • This system provides cost-cutting benefits in terms of auditing; ultimately translating to the end user
  • The company is now recognised by a clear international certification scheme
It is also worth noting that the firm is one of the first to have been approved by the new GDPR framework; a clear illustration that it takes the concept of data protection and privacy quite seriously. 

Continued Recognition of Strict Adherence to Necessary Protocols

The fact that the BSI has independently recognised SAP as a trustworthy firm once again emphasises their commitment to transparency and a greater level of in-house accountability. The certification was formalised on 25 May and the firm is providing its customers with the necessary ongoing guidance in order to adapt to this new set of regulations.

This is particularly useful for larger companies which may deal with a massive amount of data on a regular basis. This GDPR approval signifies that all stakeholders can remain confident in the services rendered. 

SAP Overview

SAP is an industry leader in the development of software for enterprise-level organisations. It currently works in conjunction with more than 380,000 businesses in order to provide them with turnkey solutions so that stakeholders can remain one step ahead of their competition while simultaneously reducing traditional in-house costs.

Thus, the concept of data protection and privacy is a very real concern. To further appreciate what this company has to offer, it is wise to visit their official website.


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