Chef as a “Top 3” Leader in Application Management and Deployment for DevOps


The Enterprise Management Associates has decided to name Chef as one of the top three vendors who work in the application deployment and managing Development operations. Chef is considered the Continuous Automation leader. This was after a survey was carried out between over 300 Development operations practitioners. The survey was carried out by EMA back in 2017.

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About the EMA “Top 3” Guide

The aim of the guide was to help organisations stay ahead of the trends and changes brought about by development operations, container technology, and cloud. They carried out interviews with more than 300 organisations to come up with ten important trends that organisations face while planning and deploying digital operations.

This list of top 3 was searching for high priorities to manage containers and DevOps in production the next year. As written by EMA’s analyst, the report is looking at the 10 most important priorities that face Development operations corporations (DevOps ) today . These range from integration with legacy systems and hybrid infrastructures to the management of Kubernetes. The chef is very happy to be named as a top vendor when it comes to aiding organisations to drive Development operations transformations.


Habitat and InSpec

Habitat and InSpec transport IT automation to the cloud level. They do this through security abstraction, infrastructure application management, and compliance. When combined with Chef Automate, the three of them create a great digital transformation backbone that does more than just containerization.

Chef InSpec is a solution that automates compliance to speed up DevSecOps thus, permitting cross-functional application, security team, and infrastructure to look into and remediate issues related to compliance right from the deployment stage to the delivery of the software lifecycle.

Habitat offers the quickest option to simply and consistently package apps so that they can be deployed and managed through cloud architecture. On the other hand, Chef Automate forwards Development operations, Agile and Lean techniques thus, making it possible for continuous automation to aid teams to overcome the difficulty to manage, build and execute infrastructure and applications in a safer, better and quicker way.

The guide was created by EMA with the intention of coming up with a resource for companies to learn from their counterparts and also get to benefit from numerous product briefings, demonstrations and case studies. This report will in a way help decision makers to vend and plan the selection process.

The Detect, Correct and Automate method is continuously resonating with Development operations leaders who use the provided tools to speed both the cloud migration and software delivery. The Chef vice president in the marketing department stated that they were entirely committed to rapidly develop their platforms using the ongoing help of their fast-growing community. This is the reason they are so grateful for the recognition by EMA.


What is Chef?

CHEF software is the continuous automation software leader that innovate cloud-based operations and also a member of the Development operations movement founders. It works with thousands of highly innovative corporations around the globe to help them deliver their digital transformation vision by enabling the practices to deliver software quickly.

Chef Automate is powered by a great community, and open source encoded computer instructions system. While CHEF software is meant for infrastructure, Habitat is for cloud operations, and InSpec is usually in compliance.


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