Chef Automate 2: The Next Step in Continuous Automation Solutions


It is already a well-known fact that Chef software is one of the leading automation applications in terms of the ability to proactively monitor workflow events while maintaining the proper compliance. The good news is that developers have now taken this sense of functionality one step further thanks to the recent introduction of Chef Automate 2.

In order to fully appreciate the advancements that have been made, it is wise to highlight a few key points in relation to how Chef 2 tackles the evolving needs of continuous automation software
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Superior Levels of Insight and Clarity

It is essential that users are able to proactively interpret the information required to make decisions at the appropriate times. This is why the Chef 2 automation platform now provides a real-time streaming feed that highlights ongoing events.

In the same respect, more intuitive query options offer an insightful edge that enables stakeholders to quickly uncover the potential source of an ongoing issue. Within a real-time operational environment, such capabilities are essential in order to ensure ongoing efficiency. 

A Malleable Environmental Approach

Compliance reporting within a number of disparate environments is another major milestone which has been achieved by Chef Automate 2. This only makes sense due to the increased prevalence of cloud-based systems and multiple network devices. Some examples of third-party platforms which are now supported by this architecture include: 
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure

Please note that iOS devices equipped with Cisco capabilities are likewise able to work in conjunction with this new Chef software. The main intention here is to provide users with the capability to employ a centralised platform in order to bench test various nodes while adhering to relevant compliance concerns. 

Flexible and Streamlined

Technology continues to advance and it is therefore understandable that this automation platform has embraced the very same sense of expediency. Chef 2 has been re-engineered with efficiency in mind without sacrificing its well-known intuitive capabilities.

This has partially arisen from the growing need to provide solutions to large-scale environments associated with demanding daily requirements. In fact, the bundle has been designed to support thousands upon thousands of individual nodes. This has been (primarily) accomplished via two unique approaches: 

  • A more robust and powerful UI.
  • A microservice architecture aligned with an advance programming interface.

This has allowed for a superior level of scalability, higher continuous performance levels and multiple points of integration (for partners and clients alike). Thus, greater workloads are able to be tackled without losing accuracy or efficiency. 

Modern Solutions for Challenging Times

By its very definition, continuous automation is not a static field. Emerging challenges will require equally flexible solutions. Chef Automate 2 represents the vanguard of such software and users can rest assured that their needs are always taken into account. Those who wish to learn more are encouraged to take advantage of a 60-day trial by visiting at their convenience.


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