Chef support brings true automation to Amazon Linux 2


Amazon Linux 2 extends the Linux functionality available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and provides a stable, secure and high performance environment, for a range of enterprise and cloud applications. Many of these have been developed by customers, using innovative Linux-enabled features. 

To improve it further, this environment now has Chef support. Chef Automate is an end-to-end automation platform, encompassing tasks from infrastructure to applications, and also covering aspects such as compliance. 
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Great recipe for automating infrastructure management 

This streamlining is accomplished using: 

Chef is totally aligned with the task of automating customers’ systems. That includes both those currently in use, and those that will be implemented in the future. Chef support for customer decisions, from infrastructure to application stack components, delivers on the commitment to helping customers automate whatever they want to use, wherever they want to use it. 

Chef software support for AWS Linux 2, is in line with the company’s commitment to offer native experiences for customers when they’re using AWS. In line with this goal, the company previously delivered AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate (OWCA). This is a service that’s fully managed, delivering both compliance management and a world-class configuration service. 

How this fits with AWS Linux 2 

Customers can run AWS Linux 2 in a number of ways, including:

  • virtual machines
  • container formats
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Now they can also deploy Chef as the infrastructure for managing this Linux version. They can run this either within Amazon Web Services (AWS), or as part of their on-prem architecture. 

As the new implementation accepts input from both Habitat and InSpec, it’s able to automate both compliance and workflow. 

About Amazon's Linux 2 

Linux 2 is the latest version of Amazon Linux. It provides an environment for Amazon customers to develop a wide range of enterprise and cloud applications. Amazon has designed the operating system to be high performing, yet stable, and importantly, to be highly secure.

Customers using AWS get the advantage of the latest Linux innovations, and don’t have to pay anything extra to use AWS Linux 2. In addition, Amazon provides the ongoing maintenance and security updates for the software. 

Features of Amazon Web Services Linux 2 

Many developers are implementing applications that will have a long shelf life, continuing in use possibly for years. They therefore need an operating environment that is going to be supported in the long term.

However, they also want access to the latest developments, so that they can improve performance, add features, and integrate easily with a range of AWS services. Many developers find that the flexibility of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), helps them to size their use of AWS appropriately. 

Now, with Chef Automate for AWS Linux 2, companies will be able to streamline their configuration and compliance work to reduce the management and administration costs associated with their AWS use.


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