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Well-Architected PartnerA reliable, flexible, and high-performance cloud architecture is possible with the help of the right partners. Through best practices and high performance focused designs, deploying systems and workloads to a cloud environment becomes easier. 

For that reason, our today's post is dedicated to the Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Framework in addition to sharing that we at Linke have been certified in the Well-Architected Program as specialized partners in finding the best cloud adoption solutions for customers.

Do you already know the Well-Architected Framework? Read on to find out all the benefits of implementing it for your cloud workloads.

The foundations of a good architecture

The AWS Well-Architected Framework has been designed to ensure the proper deployment of all workloads and applications in an infrastructure model that meets all requirements for cloud security, high performance, data management efficiency, scalability and cost optimization.

It addresses all cloud-architects and provides the tools necessary to build efficient environments that will allow customers to evaluate the best option for their critical data. The good architecture framework is based on five pillars:

  • Operational Excellence: It is based on the ability to monitor systems to ensure proper performance of all deployed services and hosted applications. On the other hand it supports the cloud experts to identify points of improvement within each process.
  • Security: This pillar guarantees the protection of information, data and systems. It covers two important aspects: business value and risk mitigation. All this is done by configuring access permissions and identity.
  • Cost Optimization: is the ability to eliminate unnecessary costs and make the most of existing resources. AWS has a variety of cost monitoring and alarming services to ensure compliance with this pillar.
  • Reliability: the basis for an adequate infrastructure is its capacity of disaster recovery and the possibility to dynamically scale resources.
  • Performance Efficiency: Cloud resources will always be used efficiently and responsibly and will remain at the forefront.

Technical Competence and Proven Success

As part of the AWS good architecture framework, the Well-Architected Program certifies AWS partners as specialists in the assessment and development of cloud infrastructures following best practices.

At Linke, we are proud to have achieved this certification and continue to help customers enhance their cloud environment, leverage deployed resources, and get the most out of their applications and workloads.

As Well-Architected Partners, we have the required experience to carry out various challenges when working in the public cloud. We also guarantee the know-how to implement AWS solutions and services in each project.

And to provide the best service, our experts offer free meetings to review each client's architecture through 5 simple phases:

  1. Book the meeting with certified cloud architects.
  2. During the client and expert session we will identify applications and workloads to be analyzed.
  3. Once all the workloads have been identified, a second analysis session will be scheduled in order to propose the best migration strategy.
  4. During the execution phase, our architects will detail the analysis with questions focused on the five pillars of AWS architecture.
  5. Finally, we will deliver a report to the client, where the mitigation tasks to be carried out during the whole process will be discussed.

At Linke we know the importance of running scalable and cost effective solutions, so we apply to each project the vision of the Well-Architected Framework to ensure integrated and agile cloud environments, while mitigating risks in workloads. 

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