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40247089_mWorkloads, systems and applications consume an important part of IT investments. And in order to keep an adequate infrastructure, companies nowadays need to focus on cost optimization and the pursuit of updated solutions. 

In order to reduce costs, manage resources and obtain high data availability, we have prepared this article with some useful initiatives that can be implemented during these challenging times.

At Linke we have identified that many companies are beginning to face the reduction of the demand of their services. However, let´s not see this situation as negative but as an opportunity to improve customer infrastructures and to carry out various optimization initiatives, process analysis and search for costs savings opportunities. Keep reading to find out how:

AWS OpsWorks for quality and compliance

At Linke, we implement compliance monitors for cloud infrastructures and their remediation based on Inspec and AWS OpsWorks. This service offers customers a set of automation tools for each workflow, ensuring compliance with security and best practices. 

This also allows us to initiate DevOps projects to improve automation, reduce risk, eliminate errors and increase quality. Plus, enables infrastructure automation processes using AWS OpsWorks and SSM

Linke already implements specific monitors and controls for SAP infrastructures, so we can achieve a secured infrastructure, without incurring high costs. 

Also, this initiative allows us to reinforce the compliance of the entire SAP infrastructure through Compliance Automation tools, minimizing errors and guaranteeing a rapid response to each demand.

FinOps for costs savings

Our second initiative is to analyze the investment on cloud solutions and infrastructure in order to find saving opportunities. Linke's experts are supporting companies to establish internal procedures to control and manage the expenses on AWS through a FinOps approach

FinOps enables the IT departments to have a better visibility of the expenditure on cloud resources and to set up alarms to avoid unforeseen costs and save through Saving Plans.

The AWS cloud offers various solutions to achieve better cost management and savings in services. Initiatives such as Rightsizing have been implemented to correctly evaluate the size of the instances contracted in order to adapt them, as far as possible, to smaller servers. Or the reduction of costs for Amazon S3 according to the frequency of access to the data.

Well Architected Reviews

Within the framework of cost reduction the evaluation of the client's architectures is a crucial action. It defines the set of solutions that will meet the operational and business needs. Depending on the workloads and systems, terms as scalability and functionalities are relevant to architecture all the following infrastructure.

An approach that meets these requirements is the AWS Well-Architect. It is based on five pillars such as operational excellence, safety, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization. 

In this initiative the focus is placed on understanding each expense to achieve greater savings. 

Start a migration process

Some customers agree that this current decrease in their activity makes it easier to manage their migrating projects of their SAP applications to AWS cloud. In order to help them, Linke has developed products that facilitate the data migration  to AWS servers.

Our migration processes ensure the availability of data and the flexibility needed to scale optimally, all under three fundamental principles: 

1. Migrations using the Lift and Shift approach which allows for rapid deployment, with all the benefits of cloud economics.

2. Re-Platform, following the good practices mentioned in point 3 for reliable architectures.

3. Re-Factor, to rebuild applications using serverless or containerized services.

Do you need support deploying any of these AWS-based initiatives?

Our experts can advise you on the best way to implement these solutions. We will be glad to support you. 

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