Cloud integrators: the most relevant companies according to analyst firm Penteo

36700645_mMany organizations are adopting a cloud model to improve their business applications and services. This process is managed by cloud integrators, which help many businesses achieve their transformation goals in the complexities of cloud migration projects.

Penteo, one of the most influential independent analysts in Spain, has published its new edition of the Penteo Universe of Cloud Integrators. In this 2020 edition, the consultancy firm has studied the performance and acceptance of the main cloud integrators in Spain.

In this sense, its new Penteo Universe 2020 report has chosen Linke amongst the 8 most relevant cloud integrators of the moment.

In this century, digital innovation is the key to the success of an organization. To better approach how to go on with internal operations, companies need to find ways to get new services to the market.

The study focused on 4 important aspects for a company in the IT sector, these aspects are: implementation capacity, service provision, projections and acceptance or quality perceived by the client. 

The important role of cloud innovation

In view of the accelerated adoption of cloud services, the importance of modernization tasks by companies is highlighted. This is supported by hyperscalers, such as AWS, as a deployment environment for their systems, and integration allies that make this digital transformation journey a simple and dynamic process. 

The consulting firm also emphasizes the relevance of these integrators in terms of improving their services, based on offering the most innovative solutions, process automation, cost efficiency and how these cloud initiatives are carried out through best practices and the DevOps methodology. 

Penteo Universe Map - Cloud 2020 Integrators


Operational excellence and expertise

Linke has been named as one of the eight integrators of the Penteo Universe, due to its specialization in SAP systems deployed on Amazon Web Services. With 10 years of experience in this sector, we have developed strategic alliances that make possible SAP to AWS deployments.

We are committed to implementing cloud migration solutions for organizations that want to operate in secure, scalable and dynamic environments. We have our own tools based on SAP and AWS that when used through modern methods favor the execution of solid and functional cloud projects.

Each project is quickly deployed using our own and AWS' resources and assets that facilitate the entire operational deployment.

The quality service perceived by Linke's customers is one of the aspects with the highest score against its main competitors. In this context, AWS competencies and SAP certifications have been valued to carry out migrations, roadmaps and improvements in each customer's system.  On the other hand, the technical capacity to execute sustainable projects according to the business needs of each client, through innovative solutions developed by the team, stands out. 


At Linke, we are experts in SAP to AWS deployments. Our team analyze your workloads and systems to make the most appropriate roadmap for your cloud migration projects.  

Linke Migrations


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