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On October 2017, Forrester released the quarterly report on configuration management best firms. Chef was among top providers in the Forrester Wave™: Configuration Management Software For Infrastructure Automation, Q4 2017 report. You can obtain more details on the report and get informed further about the configuration solutions. 

The Report Chart


Leading Configuration Solutions

In the report Chef and the Automate, which are main company’s commercial products and OSS, topped in the competitive category which had at least 14 configuration management providers.

The company was delighted with topping the set. Additionally, it confirms for the company about the feedback they receive from customers. Customers trust in the company efforts, especially on continuous automation. 


Why Chef was the Best

Forrester report points on the strength of community and the technology it utilises on automation. According to authors, Robert Stroud and Chris Gardner, what gave the open source an edge was its strength in system support and the community engagement.

The software company obtained the highest score which was 5 for the criteria on community support. Robert and Chris added that Automate is an excellent solution when it comes to supporting implementation, monitoring, governance and helping the community.


Capabilities of the Configurations 

The company has always offered capabilities for not only automation but also for DevOps. On the other hand, Automate avails skills which are useful and necessary for the management of the sophisticated infrastructure of a company. 


Where to Get the Open Source Software

You can try to use the software by downloading from the firm’s website. You can also obtain pre-installed management solutions from AWS Marketplace or on Azure Marketplace. 


Continuous Automation

Continuous automation enables the configuration solutions to embrace various stages of implementation. The aspects include integration between the infrastructure, compliance, and automation of the application.

Importantly, automation involves not only configuration but also the ability to deliver software at high speed, minimal or reduced risks, and at better efficiency. 


Compliance Automation

Compliance Automation is an essential aspect of management solutions implementation. InSpec enhances compliance with code from DevOps. Automate uses a 3 step to strengthen compliance. Detect is useful in testing against significant industry benchmarks and in reporting and addressing audit requirements.

Correcting step enables the software to fix any loopholes in one of the platforms. It also develops baselines for automation. Automate allows the open source provider to correct and detect before proceeding to production. It also enhances single language across various other solutions such as DevOps and Infosec. 


Solutions Delivery

The company promises to provide amicable solutions to customers from any given environment such as from premises data centres to cloud settings. The company has invested in Habitat to enable consistent deployment and management of processes in any portfolio. The investments aim to eliminate challenges that customer experience and improve the delivery of software speed.

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