DevOps and AWS

Delivering Enterprise Applications Made Easier and Faster

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development model whose overall objective is to enable the creation and deployment of enterprise applications and solutions in a rapid and efficient process. DevOps combines the necessary practices and tools that give organisations the agility and flexibility to respond to changes and needs during the development cycle. DevOps is an acronym for “Development” and “Operations” and ensures software or application development (Dev) is aligned with the objectives of the intended IT operations (Ops) at every application or software development stage.

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DevOps and AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides enterprise cloud computing services tailored for IT experts, businesses and governments. AWS services range from software and computing infrastructure to custom platforms such as their DevOps application development environment. Amazon Web Services provides the right integration of development tools and services to help businesses and IT experts build and deliver web products and services more rapidly and reliably.

Using the DevOps and AWS platform and practices, processes such as infrastructure management, application deployment, software updates, and performance monitoring are simplified and automated, bringing down both operational costs and system downtime. Additionally, the DevOps and AWS environment is integrated with the Amazon CloudWatch to help organisations and IT professionals monitor all their digital assets in real-time via a single dashboard.

Why Choose AWS for DevOps?

Using DevOps increases the ability of a business of any size to deliver applications or services to its customers at a faster pace. Under DevOps culture and practices, businesses can continuously evolve and improve their products to effectively wow their customers and surpass their competitors.

Amazon is a great choice when it comes to choosing your cloud computing partner. With enough experience, flawless track record, tailor-made solutions, continuous product integrations and transparent and flexible pricing, Amazon Web Services is a clear winner in the cloud computing industry. Even better, Amazon understands DevOps from the core and has developed tools that can be readily integrated by developers to meet specific needs and business goals. Here’s a list of some of the reasons you should choose the Amazon cloud for your next DevOps project.

1. Get started fast: With the Amazon cloud, you get started quickly, no setups or software install are required to use any of their cloud services.
2. Simple pricing: Take advantage of a simple, transparent and flexible pricing. With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, there are no upfront fees or long-term commitments.
3. Faster deployment with automation: The Amazon cloud takes complexity and errors out of the equation so you can deliver better applications faster. Over 80% of all operations on the cloud are either automated by Amazon or can be automated by the user.
4. Scalability: Your instances and related resources in the Amazon cloud can be configured to grow with increased business demands automatically, without experiencing system downtime.
5. Security: Amazon’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) is used to configure access policies to every aspect of your cloud services.


Amazon CloudWatch

Monitoring every aspect of your cloud resources is an essential aspect of achieving business goals in the DevOps culture. Amazon CloudWatch makes the monitoring process a breeze via a single integrated dashboard. A user chooses what instances, resources or metrics to monitor. Developers and business can use the dashboard to collect and track metrics, logs, resource utilisation, performance and the general health of their active applications and services. The dashboard displays system-wide status and such data can help businesses react to alarms and minimise system downtime.


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Key steps to adopt Devops on a Cloud-Native Company
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