Engaging Startups to Enhance the Development of SAP IoT


2017 observed various transformations concerning Iot and digital supply chain. Many industries invested capital and resources on the Internet of Things. Additionally, leading industries swiftly implemented IoT solutions such as security, cognitive computing, and blockchain among others. Importantly, Forrester Research had predicted that Internet of Things would form the backbone of customer’s value.

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Importance of Engaging startups

Finding startups for SAP IoT startup program aims to develop the program further and strategize it to an action. The corporation is looking for the best digital Supply Chain startups to take up the program. It is looking for innovative startups that understand trends in the Internet of Things and comprehend SAP product.

The ideal startups will ensure the company can provide its customers with amicable solutions in the market. The solutions will assist the businesses to increase their valuation and at the same time enhance digital transformation. 


Recruiting Startups

SAP carried out its first startup recruitment on 15 January in Berlin. SAP IoT Startup Accelerator Team in Berlin and Palo Alto reviewed 500 applicants. It shortlisted 100 and invited 11 finalists to Berlin. During the event, the entrepreneurs had an opportunity to present to experts in SAP products.

The startups concentrated in presenting three focus areas on Recruitment Day including Asset Management, Digital Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing. The presentation sought to match best with best startups.

The colleagues from SAP-corporation exchanged ideas with the 11 startups which came from companies dealing with 3D workflow management such as 3YourMInd to those dealing with interaction solutions such as Kinemic.


Appreciation by the Startups

Bastian Burger, who is the co-founder of Blik, revealed that it was an outstanding event to meet product owners and representatives. Burger added that it was amazing to meet company representatives since it was the best place to offer the products and solutions.

Blik is a startup which provides robust sensors for tracking of products in warehouses. Blik offers intelligent sensors to enhance connected logistics.


Event Discussions

During the first edition, each of the startups had an hour to discuss the possibility of integration of their products into SAP-corporation and potential customers. The discussion was with experts of the similar industry with a solution of the startup

The Vice President of Digital Assets and IoT, Reghu Ram Thanumalayan, at SAP-corporation recommends the team that carried out the recruitment and shortlisting of the startups. Reghu added that the team has carried out a wonderful job for shortlisting the over a hundred startups.

The team had also separated them into different categories. The team had to check on companies and identify which made sense for the products. Ram assured that the recruitment should have more often.


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