ENGIE'S Transformation Powered by Data and the Cloud


The ENGIE group is aiming to lead the way in helping companies and society in general with the transition to zero carbon energy solutions. This innovation is founded on the 3 "Ds" which are Decentralisation, Decarbonation and Digitalisation.
Part of its Digitalisation strategy includes the "Data-Driven Company" program. Run by the Chief Data Officer, this large-scale project provides information directly to the Chief Digital Officer, the global CIO, who in turn uses the information to generate more value for the organisation. 

There is a subsidiary workforce located in Spain consisting of 2,200 professionals who assist in the transition process. Within the project's scope, the Spanish team decided that the best approach was to refocus how the company worked with data.

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The Challenge

Developing the analytical strategy was key to taking advantage of the Internet of Things as well as Big Data. Previously, the old Business Warehouse system did not meet modern requirements. On top of it, as data exponentially increased it also became obsolete.

The Solution

A new target model and roadmap were developed by the technological department. This showed the need to update the technological platforms while creating a new way to govern the data  and while staying within the best practices and policies as defined by the ENGIE group. 

Once the analysis period was complete, SAP BW/4HANA was implemented as the solution on the AWS platform with Linke as the migration partner. Luis Espartosa, Engie's CIO, commented that SAP on AWS aligned perfectly with their need for cutting edge analytics technology based in the cloud.

The initiative was implemented in two phases across three and a half months. The first of these was SAP BW/4HANA in AWS including the Disaster Recovery feature. The other phase required the old information and system to be migrated from SAP. The executive officer spoke of the need to meet the deadlines. He said that BW/4HANA was going to serve as the platform of their data-driven company with this project forming the cornerstone. 

Thanks to effective management, both phases were implemented on time and perfectly met their respective requirements. This was partially thanks to the ENGIE Group's agreement with Amazon Web Services to make it the first choice in cloud infrastructure. The company was not working from scratch but there are always difficulties and the assistance of Linke proved to be crucial. 

The partnership allowed them to take advantage of SAP on AWS with regards to saving on costs, setting up a backup architecture and designing a monitoring system.

The Benefits

The company has reported that the system's users quickly began to see a reduction in response times making performing analysis much easier. Not only that, users were granted more autonomy to perform analysis and draft reports thanks to the greater agility and speed provided by the new system. This all leads to greater productivity. 

There are two benefits which are especially remarkable. The first is the optimisation of controlling processes. This lead to the simplification of financial closures and a greater ability to analyse profit and loss statements at various levels. The second is the project's ability to allow the company to make better decisions while also streamlining processes.

The Future

With the foundations that now exist, other long-term advantages will begin to appear. The company will use a new project roadmap to include in SAP BW/4HANA information received from various business areas in order to execute its cross-analysis.


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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF