Enhancing Digital Services with AWS Public Cloud: a Case for FAIN

37052612_mFAIN is a Spanish elevator company that has built a reputation around quality and innovation. It has over 1,500 lifting devices to its name and a further 48,000 that it maintains. The company always looks for avenues to improve the quality of its products and services. José Antonio Sánchez Martín, the CIO of FAIN, knows that technology, coupled with people, is the company's differential value and enables the company to guarantee the quality of the services.

At Linke we are proud to be part of this challenge of innovation and digitization, which has been possible thanks to all the power of Amazon Web Services cloud. Continue reading to know more about this new case study.

Moving SAP to the cloud

Given that FAIN operates a large number of lifts and elevators in residential, public buildings and private corporations, there was a need to transform the business using technology to enhance the efficiency of its services. One of the areas where it has taken a digital approach is the ON-CALL system.

These digital services depend on the Systems area to enable one to call and give orders to an elevator through a mobile device or the new control screens installed in solar elevators. This facilitates data on various parameters that include total consumption in kilowatts, energy per recharge and points that enable users to optimise elevator management.

How FAIN faced the challenge?

The technology department has been dealing with various business processes, logistics management, mobile maintenance service support, and other operations. All of these technological operations are done through SAP systems. And now those workloads have been migrated to AWS. To do that, the company trusted Linke as the executing partner in the process.

This digitization process and the continuous improvement of its management processes have modernized the company's operation based on the public cloud. This, in turn, has created more capabilities for the company.

In the implementation of the project, FAIN wanted to take on the pay-per-use model so that it would be able to convert a chunk of fixed costs into variable ones. It was also keen on enhancing the flexibility and scalability of resources based on customer needs and growth challenges. FAIN also wanted the server to be highly available and improve disaster recovery and other features on its SAP on AWS platform.

The Solution: AWS cloud

After choosing AWS, the migration process was completed in a record of ten weeks. The migration included:

  • Production, development and quality environments of SAP ERP.
  • An evaluation of the public cloud SAP attachments and the change in Oracle database version.
  • At the end of the process, a new SAP router was put in place, which was moved to the public cloud SAP Adobe Document Server.

The solution was a breakthrough given that the company generates over 50,000 preventive maintenance parts and over 30,000 invoices each month.

The migration made use of several AWS digital services that includes Amazon EC2 Amazon S3, Amazon VPC, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM), AWS Cloud Formation and CloudWatch.

According to FAIN's CIO, Linke's great expertise and understanding of cloud migration ensured that everything was well processed. In conjunction with the FAIN IT team, the company met deadlines, expectations and cost projections. Besides, its users were not affected by the migration and the integration was done even as the operations carried on.

There is no doubt that the adoption of cloud services allows many companies to achieve their modernization goals, while optimizing both internal and public management. In addition, it is one of the technologies that allows to take advantage of other digital solutions such as machine learning or the Internet of Things for the modernization of businesses. 

Find out more details about this success story in this link.

If you found this article interesting or thinking of deploying your SAP systems on AWS, you can also download this free white paper to learn how to optimize your SAP costs on AWS.

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