Top Five Emerging technology solutions for 2020

emerging tech solutions 2020

2020 is set as the year of digital and technological transformation of worldwide IT companies, emerging ecosystems will change the way organizations take decisions in order to be more competitive and efficient while offering the best experience to their customers. 

As revealed by Gartner, there are five top trends that will be of great help to IT companies, through different technologies that will offer a wide competitive advantage in the next 10 years. The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies highlighted the Emotional Artificial Intelligence among the 21st new technologies in 2020.

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The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

In the latest report, the organization provided a highlight of emerging trends in technology. These trends are expected to impact significantly the business industry as well as the society over the next decade. The techniques were split into five major categories.

1. Augmented Human

Technologies under the augmented human technologies category are aimed at improving the cognitive, health, and physical aspects of the human body. Some technologies that fall under this category are biochips, personification, augmented intelligence, immersive workspace, biotech, and the emotion AI. Some of these technologies seek to extend physical capabilities like strength through prosthetic arms.

Besides, this technology has already been applied in many businesses and workspaces, with the incorporation of automation, virtual voice assistants and robotics served by machine learning in order to make the processes easier and agile.  

2. Sensing and mobility

Some trends under this category include those with increasingly enabled mobility and manipulative ability over different objects around them. Autonomous driving and 3D sensing cameras also fall under this category.

These trends seek to help human beings be able to manipulate objects to their favour and navigate situations. The insights arising from these trends would also be applicable across different industries and Internet of Things scenarios. And how can we get advantage of this technology? By the ability of data collection with which industries will be able to know better the needs of  clients and anticipating market's changes. 

3. Post-classical compute and communications

These technological trends use binary bits that are evolved by making changes to the traditional architectures that are already existing. Some examples of post-classical computations include 5G, the next-generation cellular standards, wireless edge, and core slicing. These trends are aimed at allowing advancements in low-earth orbit satellites (LEOs).

The advancements enable the LEOs to operate at lower altitudes as compared to traditional geostationary systems, allowing signal access to places where this was not possible.

Nanoscale 3D printing and Next-generation memory are also examples of these technological trends.

4. Digital ecosystems

These technologies are web-like connections between actors and digital sharing platforms. They are developed to represent digital transformation traditional value chains. They also help to enable seamless interactions, improving digital transformation and dynamic connections to entities from across the globe and varying industries. Some technologies included in this trend goes from synthetic data to DigitalOps and decentralized web.

5. Advanced AI and analytics

Advanced analytics refers to autonomous or semi-autonomous data examination. It may also be defined as content that uses sophisticated tools that go beyond those that are used traditionally for business insight. The process results in new findings of algorithms and data science.

This technological trend aims at enabling better insights, improving predictions and recommendations as well. Examples of these trends include explainable AI, generative adversarial networks, edge and graph analytics, adaptive machine learning, and AI PaaS

Take Away

The Hype Cycle for emerging technologies goes through thousands of technologies around the globe to come up with the trending ones. The organization not only seeks to create awareness in the field of technology but also to improve human life and the Internet of Things.

If you want to know more about this 2020 and upcoming years tech trends, don't miss Linke's 5 predictions that will define business transformation of IT companies. 


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