Fortis Ontario: a new cloud-based invoicing solution

100544007_mWith operations all across Canada and many customers and strategic partnerships, FortisOntario, electrical company, issues an average of 50,000 electronic invoices every month, all of these managed by an external provider. In order to carry the process internally, the company needed to optimize their billing system.

As part of the process, FortisOntario has chosen AWS and Linke to make this posible and to integrate the system with the self-service portal that was designed for their customers. During the project, the company adopted Linke AWS connector, an SAP on AWS cloud solution created by Linke's I+D department. Now, FortisOntario can manage, store and retrieve all their invoices on Amazon S3 in a more accesible way and reducing their annual costs around 40%. 


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The Requirements

FortisOntario is an electric company based in Ontario, Canada. It also owns and operates Canadian Niagara Power Inc., Algoma Power Inc. and Cornwall Street Railway Light & Power Company Ltd. serving about 65,000 customers.

It currently uses an on-premise SAP system model that supports both the company's current model and daily operations as well as those of the owned distribution companies. Among the company's operations, the invoicing process is one of the most important.

Up until now, the process worked entirely on-premise by creating an invoice in the billing module and sending the document via Adobe Document Services through SAP P0 to an external printing service, storing a PDF of the bills. But how to increase reliability and reduce timings and costs? Cloud was the perfect approach and Linke AWS Connector for SAP the solution. 

All the way to a cloud-based invoice system

In order to internalize the operation, there had to be a new approach to document management. This meant integrating their SAP Content Server to AWS cloud  in order to achieve the necessary levels of flexibility, scalability and agility required to store the large volume of documents. In order to do so, the company decided to use the AWS Connector as the system integration add-on solution capable of storing the invoices on Amazon S3. 

How the Linke's AWS Connector worked on their SAP Systems?

The AWS Connector is integrated with the AWS cloud's native services and based on the SAP NetWeaver platform. It allows FortisOntario to:

  • Utilize the storage service of AWS as an extension of the SAP systems without developing a custom solution.
  • Store its documents and archive its data through the SAP Archivelink interface at a low cost and high degree of reliability.
  • The Connector ensures a high security focus by following https protocols and document encryption.

Benefits of this new solution

With Linke's support, it took FortisOntario only a few days to carry out this project. The company stated that the implementation process was "quick and easy". 

As a result, the company has implemented a reliable process that leads and organizes the company itself, reduces costs and complements and integrates well with other user experiences.

Connecting SAP to AWS will enable them to save approximately 40% in their billing process each year and this could increase as more invoices go electronic. The AWS Connector for SAP product is more than just the future of large strategic companies, it is a guarantee of integration, security and cost optimization. 

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